02 Altcoin Trader Overview

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Published on March 31, 2016

02 Altcoin Trader Overview

This tour of the Altcoin Trader web page will give you more insight to the process of buying and selling bitcoin.



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  1. Nhlalo Junior_IV

    just started using the Platfirm and the fees section is confusing. I am hoping you will be able to explain this to me and I will be even happier if it is inot examples.

    Firstly I am confused about the fee under the buy or sell btc section. Is that fee included in the total or is it excluded from the total and what currency is it in? Is it in crypto currency and I have to convert it to my currency which is Rands or is it already in Rands.

    Secondly, I would like to know exactly how much of the money I deposit onto the platform account will show. For example if I deposit one thousand Rands , will it reflect one thousand Rands on the altcoin trader platform or will it be less because there's a fee involved and also how much is this fee?

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