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Published on July 2, 2018

0xBitcoin (0xBTC) Explained. 0xBitcoin is the first ERC20 token to be distributed through an adjustable proof of work mining algorithm. timestamps for the video or provided below.

What is 0xBTC (0:03)
Unique characteristic of 0xBTC (0:26) and (1:00)
What problems does 0xBTC solve?
Bitcoin scaling (1:16)
Bitcoin does not interact with smart contracts (1:37)
Why 0xBTC has characteristics that could make it a better currency than Ether (1:59)
0xBTC offers a more fair distribution than Ether (2:46)
The supply of 0xBTC is not as centralized as BTC (3:18)
Mining history of 0xBTC compared to BTC (3:42)
Purpose of mining 0xBTC and how Ethereum helps secure its network (4:52)
Potential risks for 0xBTC (5:37)
Lava Network explanation (6:25)

The text in the powerpoint that says “ERC-20 tokens are better currencies than Ether” is a bit misleading. ERC-20 tokens have characteristics that could potentially make them a better currency than Ether, but I do not believe that any ERC-20 token is a better currency than Ether yet.

BlockWolf also has a text guide that explains 0xBitcoin which can be accessed at: blockwolf.com/0xbitcoin-0xbtc/

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