10 Common Crypto Scams You Should Be Aware Of (How CryptoCanary Can Help)

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Published on May 14, 2019
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The cryptocurrency world is full of innovation and opportunity. However since the space is still young and unregulated, there’s a high risk of getting scammed without any recourse to recover your funds. In the “real world” you can go to authorities or banks to get charges reversed or your properties returned potentially. No such luck in the crypto world where transactions are often anonymous and irreversible. That’s why it is very important to be well educated about the various risks and types of scams out there – so you can better avoid them without anyone holding your hand. That’s also why we created CryptoCanary (cryptocanary.app/), a tool to help you research various crypto projects and see which ones are potentially shady/scam or legit. In this video, we’ll cover 10 of the most common cryptocurrency scams out there and provide images/screenshots of them as well. That way you can hopefully be on the lookout for them and know what to avoid when you encounter them.

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  1. Tccpenny.. securecoinmining .. brentontraders … usitech…. all liars and thieves.. left a lot of people destitute. They know they cant be caught of the blockchain… assholes…

  2. Great video! I loved the details on all different types of scams!

  3. This video just saved me from a scam project

  4. And if you already look in the comment section, it should not be difficult to find some scam offerings there already lol

  5. Cryptocanary looks very nice and helpful. And I am sure this 10 most common list is not exhaustive lol

  6. There are hundreds obvious shit scam coins, but only a small number on your list. What is Ethereum Classic, Beam, Grin and other interesting projects doing here? How can I know you are not a shill or a scammer yourself? Bitcoin's founder is also unknown and probably own 1mln btc, so why isn't Bitcoin on your list?

  7. Thanks Kevin. Love to hear your view on the Bitrue Exchange Reward Program where they offer you 7.3% per annum return on your crypto.

  8. Thanks a great and helpful video for all those that are newcomers to the spcae

  9. My Goo

    thanks Kevin. Your vids are great and very helpful. Please keep up your great work. Really appreciate it.

  10. Don't be greedy and you won't get scammed. Pretty simple.

  11. First!! Also CryptoCanary is a cool idea, I'll check it out more!

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