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Published on January 27, 2018

Just like those pieces of paper in your wallet or those numbers on your bank account, cryptocurrencies have a value because people gave it a value. You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin. There are thousands different cryptocurrencies on the market. If you’ve played games with an in-game economy, than cryptocurrencies can also be applied to those games. There are already lots of initiatives out there to incorporate the blockchain networking technology into gaming. Let’s have a look!

If you are interested in the coins mentioned in this video, please see links to their official websites down below. Read about them to truly understand what these coins are all about.


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  1. #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Great video why not make money while playing video games excellent news

  2. #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Cryptocurrencies are going to innovate along with blockchain all of the Platforms in video games from Investments to Grand Theft Auto Gran Turismo earnings transition into Fiat Etc

  3. chuck norris

    best dice game

  4. Xgmf 01

    Smart hackers really love this trend they can server undetected generate free currency of whatever existing then sell to people to earn lots if cash for free notice how many people are almost immediately got rich on most games they played.

  5. Brendan Stubbs

    You just chose PayPal on localbitcoin not cry cash thank you for doing this video but please don't show Miss information

  6. Allibaad Cortzen

    you might as well put individual cryptocurrency in every game, that's even worse than paying for loot boxes

  7. Learn Bahasa Indonesia with Qori

    I am here to listen relaxing British narrator lady who is somehow reminds me of 2008 video game TV show. So comfy.

  8. Christian Hanish

    I honestly hope all crypto currencies flop, why we already have Wall Street so why invest in a new one

  9. Jianto

    Yes im into crypto got some investments

  10. Sonic Boom

    I have seen you guys on TV

  11. Tzeff NL

    Mystery Voice Lady…your voice is like *MUSIC to my ears! (*Good Music!)

  12. Mikko Översti

    Where in the list is Habbo Hotel Plastyk chairs?

  13. gowary

    Shoulda let someone else voice this boring vid instead of wasting mysterious voice over lady on it

  14. Luigibros_ steel

    It's sad you guys are getting hate for this vid ,a video is a video ,just accept it ,just don't criticize so much ,there's been worse anyways..*cough cough* Jake Paul's Christmas video cough cough we all know that was shit , surprised some people liked it

  15. MANNY~EmberDim

    I love you Mysterious-Voiceover-lady, But this Cryptocurrency stuff is just annoying now. This thumbs down won't be easy! :'(

  16. Brandon Roberts

    some of these look cool

  17. Bobbynibbles

    Cryptocurrencies are for libertarian douchebags who think they're too good to participate in society.

  18. Bruno Techera

    3 ads in a pretty dumb ten minutes video

  19. Azure Triedge

    Have fun cause I'm a billionaire in Venezuela because of all the wow gold I have

  20. Lycan Thorpe


  21. Doge McMaymay

    how bout Ubiq?

  22. IIii

    Cant wait for 1060's and 70's to be $1000

  23. Keiyaksou

    Where's DMarket?

  24. hotdogburger45

    Why is robux not on this list ???

  25. Volen Velkov

    First Blood sounds like a scam and also isn´t beting illegal in some states and countries because is considered gambling? (btw isn´t that also against Steam's terms of use or some bullshit?)

  26. BaKA V2

    I love listening to this ladies voice.

  27. The Illyrian

    Shut up with you filthy game currency.

  28. RComando

    So, which is better?

    I better start playing games and making money at same time
    I know its not huge but at least u got pocket money and upgrade ur potato pc

  29. Nyxtroos

    Yeah, keep supporting crypto currency. I've always wanted my new PC parts to be 3 times as expensive. Thank you! 🙂

  30. Massimo Paradisi

    the moment you think something will get huge, it won't

  31. Dixie Normas

    Cryptocurrency is the new ponzi scheme.

  32. Manuel F. Ortega

    Spoiler list: 1.- GameCredits (GAME)
    2.- BitCrystals (BYS)
    3.- Nexium (NXM)
    4.- Crycash (CRC)
    5.- Arker Coin (ARKER)
    6.- Lord Coin (LC)
    7.- Enjin Coin (ENJ)
    8.- FirstBlood (1ST)
    9.- Playkey (PKT)
    10.- Chimaera (CHI)

  33. WWEdeadman

    Please just kill cryptocurrencies with fire, thanks.

  34. Flutter Luvbread

    Thanks for supporting virtual cancer! I'm glad you're part of pushing forward horrendous high hardware prices!

  35. matteo mariucci

    so it seem we are at the edge of the game money revolution!!!!!however i still think that's not a good idea!!!!!

  36. إحسان الحق

    Top 10 reasons why the gaming community be dead soon yeap not listing it yet :}

  37. GU KingOfHeart

    Why are we making money confusing!

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