$10 million in 20 seconds: Blockchain start-up Faceter beats all token presale records

Home Media 123 $10 million in 20 seconds: Blockchain start-up Faceter beats all token presale records
Published on February 12, 2018

Bitcoin’s rarely out of the news these days, given the rollercoaster ride it’s giving investors. But the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology is also making waves. It’s called ‘blockchain’ and it’s used to help verify transactions. For the companies behind it, it’s proving to be a boon, with one recently raising a $10-million investment in just a few seconds. Miguel Francis-Santiago met its CEO at a Blockchain Forum in Singapore.

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  1. dare2 liv

    Wow all scams

  2. Игорь Соколов

    Ok Russia Today is advertising an ICO. I guess Russians are packed with cocaine again ))

  3. Kay

    "Politicians, ex-presidents?" Evil personified.

  4. paradigm crypto

    Some of these comments show just how stupid people are. Blockchain is here – get over it.

  5. Become a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter


  6. Zachary Rose

    Reject materialism. Your health, your soul, and your people are ALL that matters on this Earth. Everything else is bullshit.

  7. outbacktrek

    stayAway from digitalScams

  8. Autistic Christian Simulator

    V is for voltage, Here comes the Shock. V is for voltage, This is what you want power UP.

  9. The Write In President

    The Technology already existed, and these FREE MASON get to be the Spokesperson and so called Creators…

  10. roylikesitlikethat

    Enslavement in the corners of the world one at a time.
    Watch when government dips into the cookie jar!

  11. Earnest Funship

    Look Ma, even Nazis can use blockchain!

  12. Andrew Kline

    Tone Vays gets it..

  13. 1984 IsHere

    Of course they could raise money that quickly. Governments and their agencies will fund dystopian tech

  14. Janet Baker

    When are we ever going to give up this Fiat b*******? This is just more capitalism! It's sickens my heart that people think they're doing good when all they're doing is stealing from others.

  15. Janet Baker

    Why are people so excited about making 20 million dollars in 10 minutes? Don't you understand that this is wrong? According to universal law it is wrong to make others poor just to make you wealthy! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  16. Janet Baker

    How is Bitcoin any different than anything else on Wall Street or any other fiat currency when you're getting the same problems that you get with Fiat! The problem with Bitcoin is the rich are taking advantage of it. Just like they do everything else! That's why I won't support Bitcoin because it doesn't keep this s*** from happening! It's just another f**** Ponzi scheme. I do think Bitcoin could be a good thing. But not until you get rid of all these greedy ass people who want money for nothing.

  17. RATED

    Nice ponzy scheme

  18. Auttie B

    Sound South African

  19. NewAidea

    Nobody can't change what's been written, all is been & it will be done accordingly…..you been warned! ! Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, you like it or not. The transition to the NWO is been in place for years!! There's only one end one biggening….wake-up! !

  20. cash money

    Lol… i wonder why some older people hold there cash instead of leaving it in banks?

  21. Mr Egusi

    That Faceter tool is absolutely terrifying!!!

  22. Kent Haughton

    "The Mark"

  23. uare you

    The beast is here

  24. Archnid 001

    it doesn't matter when hackers hack the $10million in just 1 day they are going to cry and blame anyone lol.

  25. Deff Pluto

    Tone Vays : Everything except Bitcoin is trash including myself who is not Bitcoin

  26. ♂TheSilverlover999♂


  27. CryptoHodlor

    Buy high , sell low !

  28. * *

    this is so smart. cia or nsa or any other agency opens a blockchain and makes surveillance become legal. awesome

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