1000+% Profit Plex Coin crypto ICO- Is it Real?

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Published on November 21, 2018

I saw videos saying Plexcoin is a scam, in this video i’m discussin this topic and show you what i’ve encountered so far, any question or thoughts accepted comment!


  1. Magda Slonawska

    mr sinek is a waise guy 😉
    Ive invested around 1000$. Right now i can see a Token Balance on etherscan. Think its not a scam. Launch will be at Oct. 13th, lets see.

  2. Derek Smalls

    Could be a scam. Why do the people running it need to fear for their lives and remain anonymous. total bullshit. They are probably collecting ETH and BTC. They should be easy to track down if they want to do a scam.

  3. Donn Zver

    There is a zero showing in the Etherscan because it will not show up until the launch on October 13th. This coin is going to go to the moon, I would encourage your followers to buy now as there are only 3 days left. We lost out on Bitcoin and there were rumors that it was a scam. Buy what you can afford……..

  4. Peter Balan

    cryptodc its not a scam. I bought some & it is in the etherscan. Recheck now.Yours should be in by now.

  5. Glenn D'haen

    i see it in etherscan

  6. tag pebble

    Mine appears perfectly… and tbh not a great video.. you did not even know how to access your profile in the drop down menu ^^
    Learn all about plexcoin and do a video with all info out there… quebec etc….

  7. Coach Lafond

    Did you received your token in your Ether wallet

  8. Coach Lafond

    In the last few weeks have made a lot of research on on Plexcoin (Plexcorp)one of the founder is from Quebec i could not found any addresses or any real way to contact them in person or over the phone i was going to invest some money and look what i found the is an Article and few more in French on Plexcorp and Dominic Lacroix who were order by the AMF to shut down all activities related to Finance On July 17th 2017

  9. khaled Abd Nour

    I have my plexcoin total in ethirscan right as the plexwallet wait they I'll put it there as other subscribers like me

  10. KPG

    That haven't launched into etherscan yet until pre sad is ended

  11. Mr. Glass House

    I brought a nice amount of them. I really hope this is not a scam. I actually been holding back of buying more because, I don't know if it's a scam or not.

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