1000X OPPORTUNITY! – Could “THE KEY” 1000X by 2019?

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Published on June 18, 2018

We discuss the possibility of The Key TKY going 1000X in the future.

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  1. Richelle Adams

    Hi guys, If you have plans to invest in ICOs, I recommend Plentix ICO. A new application that aims to be a centralized platform for referral programs for businesses, developers, and customers. 100 Million $Plentix tokens available for the ICO – Pre-sale starts soon..Join the whitelist before you miss out! plentix.io/

  2. shaquelle jacobs

    I am going to get moreeeeeeee

  3. Faisal Makhdoom

    selfkey is best

  4. Omega Proxy

    The crazy fomo for mainnet launch and major exchange listings is done. Do not expect crazy things to happen for the price this December. This is a long-term hold. Expect a five-year commitment with anywhere from 10 to 100 X gains in that time. That said announcements like Chinese government removing crypto ban and more Partnerships with local Chinese government will have significant positive price impact. And those things will come within the next 5 years so you better be hoddling when they come

  5. Qlean Qryptos

    Asymmetric investment

  6. jrheeeee

    Can you check out Digipulse?
    It is a smallcap token in the digital inheritance sector. the platform released this week, the first one in its sector.
    really trying to make them 1000x gains by 2019!!!

  7. Astor Wainwright

    I've read it, too many partnership, too much potential, definitely not a shitcoin and is under a penny, $1 folks.

  8. Swanzo

    This is my favorite crypto. I just keep accumulating and I'm expecting a minimum of 5x by end of the year. (Note I'm not a financial adviser this is not financial advice)

  9. vivek gupta

    crypto is full of shit 1 st make another way to earn they invest in crypto . the best way to fool people

  10. Kay

    Love this Project!

  11. Valdbagina79

    Don’t listen to any shill claiming to have found a 1000x coin 99/100 times they are talking crap. Do your own research folks

  12. Jason -

    Noob, you got civiv that is 1000x better

  13. Greg De Bono

    Awesome I'm going to buy some now. Cheers for the heads up.

  14. Martin Dillon

    I can't see a better investment in the crpto space. patience will be richly rewarded with this project, I believe. Great call.

  15. Middle Way

    Great Episode!! I can't wait to get some of this!! Cheers!!!

  16. Street Assassin

    Whats long term? Everyone says long term but never say how long?
    1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or is it 5 to 10 years?
    Thank you.

  17. Reyno Pluhar

    Were to buy the key?

  18. Silently Stacking

    How do you get in if it's not on the exchange.

  19. Michael Houlton

    thanks for the heaps up bro, can you store TKY on your nano S? TIA

  20. DarkWiser

    Some of the best projects are on NEO plataform, TKY, ONT, TNC, MCT and still some people are chasing shit projects hoping to get rich in a day…
    Stop wasting money in shit projects people, invest in the ones with real use cases and that already have working products. TkY is one of them.

  21. CryptoPumpingConservative Jason

    If I don't get a lambo I'm taking yours !

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