1930s REPEATING!! IMF, Bitcoin Hedge, Sound Money

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Published on May 6, 2020

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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. Katarzyna Kowalska


  2. Joakim Gustafsson

    I've been listening to your show daily for 2 years now. Thanks for your incredible work with this show.

  3. Peter lembessis

    I'm from the Chicagoland area and the Ivan is live at 3am. Unfortunately it's an hour b4 I wake up. One day soon I will stay up just for the Superchat!!

  4. Peter lembessis

    Achieved my 1st certification Blockchain 101. I had some knowledge prior to taking my 1st course but now I attained so much more information that is very much needed going fwd. Ty Ivan and Staff what a remarkable experience. Keep up the fabulous and remarkable job you do


    Pete The Greek!

  5. Mr Cryptastic

    15:00 Aha the imf are part of the problem and support the central banks by loaning poor countries money. These people are like the central banks so they are pushing this narrative: THE CORONA VIRUS: the monetary system and the debt based fiat with the CB and IMF are the PROBLEM. The problem is talking!!!

  6. rsd1987

    Nationalism is not worse than the current system of a few rootless international moneychangers.

  7. Vlad Artemiev

    Move your bitcoin to USD using a reloadable bitcoin debit card from Satoshily (no ID checks up to $2500 per year)

  8. Conner 320

    What if you can afford your monthly mortgage bc of a secure job, how would a crash in housing market essentially affect you? By buying the house at a premium price bc it really isn’t worth that much?

  9. Crypto Revolt

    To the central banks & govts ; I wish you'd stop trying to help me so much.

  10. Crypto Revolt

    International Mafia Fund {IMF}…thanks for the heads up.

  11. Ashley-Daniel Mackle

    Yooo I wrote about this in my 2016 dissertation 😛

  12. Hex Groyper

    Good takes as usual Ivan 🙂

  13. Patel1357

    Ivan's sense of humor is great LOL, came for the info, subscribed for the humor

  14. Rodrigo Pacini

    I disagree with Ivan's argument. When we reach 21 million market cap, miners will earn only fees. Fees need to be high enough to support miners spending at the very least, this is the dilemma. Assuming the hashrate remains high (as there is no point in it falling, as it would destroy security in a snowball), transactions would be very expensive and I see no reason why people should continue using Bitcoin.

  15. Patrick McDermott

    Ahhhh I love this man, he lives in Sweden and is helping us Americans survive this bullshit facade that's been pulled over our eyes. Thanks for sharing the p27 news I was being sold this news by investors and you told me for free. Thank you again.

  16. Curt Lucas

    How will mining be profitable when the block reward is 0?

  17. Passive Crypto Show

    Already feeling like 2008

  18. Curt Lucas

    Great video

  19. Crypto Yoda

    I didn’t make it this morning!!! But thank you for another video Ivan! You rock!

  20. Darss Mare

    It would be nice if you publish links to the references you use in your videos….!

  21. Hitchy C

    my god. 666 likes . this number is everywhere lately in cryptospace

  22. Darss Mare

    Ya there are two types of mortgages. The one you are talking about is often refered to as a classic mortgage. In case of inflation and you cannot cover your payments you win. Personally, I live in a region in which I can still choose. I did chose a classic mortgage so this way I own a certain amount of money not a house! 😉 In practice it does make a large difference and the lawyer seemed to believe it is irrelevant.

  23. Friar Jon

    @Ivan on Tech it still says "UTC + 1" instead of +2 below your picture when you switch to the split view that shows the web browser- (22:24) i.e. when you were talking about the Ray Dalio article on repeating the mistakes of the 1930s.

  24. Mark Alor Powell

    Also crypto heads may be putting too much of an apocalyptic filter on how the world will react to this. I was like 667.

  25. Arian A

    this is not 1930s. economy was fine ,they forced it down.once people find out it was bs it goes back up

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