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Published on September 11, 2018

On May 9, 2018 Karatbars International CEO Harald Seis received good news,
visiting Wall Street. Its crypto currency has its final name:
KaratGold Coin. There is gold behind this badge.
Therefore, Sace and partners bought a gold mine worth $ 900 million.
The mine makes the coin even safer.
Sace spoke about new news in an interview with Inside Wirtschaft on the New York Stock Exchange

This blessing is even greater than most people can now imagine !!
Next week our coin comes out on the well-known exchange HitBIT with the price
$ 1.32 in American dollars. This is 165 times more than we pay for it TODAY !!!
We waited for this with impatience and some doubted our KaratGold coin.
If you have close relatives, your friends and relatives, whom you would like to

kontakt: sh[email protected]
Skype – shevchenko.pt
Viber – +351932144257
WhatsApp- +351932144257


  1. Ken Thomas

    Will KBC be listed on Coin Market Cap?

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