Published on November 10, 2018

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  1. Cheryl LEE

    Loaded up loads of Trinity (TNC) on KuCoin!!! Price dropped a lot now due to low volume and no news atm to create hype for impatient noob investors looking only for quick gains. A really great steal.

  2. Emanuel Silva

    ico course ahahahah nice joke xb

  3. Mạc Vấn

    OptiToken ICO is officially open now. Price pegged to ETH=€385 and BTC=€6740 which is a great way to rewind time a bit and hedge in this market

  4. Yoh`s channel

    In my opinion, you need to add a coin from the TokenGo project here. Behind him are very smart guys who have already achieved high and fair confidence in their investors. While the coin stably maintains its position and slowly grows.

  5. The Fuddler

    eth classic is went up because of the airdrop that'll be happening.

  6. Travelingman 1980

    Stay away from Titanium Blockchain Services, the BAR token or its replacement is doomed. The company was hacked and 16 mill tokens have gone missing….trust in this company had evaporated.

  7. Bradley Mans

    @Suppoman, does the lack of communication from HPB concern you? It concernes me greatly. Ive realized that the coins who communicate across social networks tend to take off much quicker. Ive almost invested like 5 times, but their lack of communication is a major red flag to me.

  8. Frederic Payet

    Hey Suppoman Have ever done a review on Dorado ICO.. TXS. Love your videos

  9. Larry Shakinovsky

    Suppoman which erc20 can we use to buy wanchain !

  10. NicoNico

    Wait don’t you use to do minecraft

  11. wang chairman

    hpb is the most potential among them..it is chinese eos

  12. Rodica Mirita

    Massive Leverage System is a Powerful Concept To Earn All the Bitcoin You Want, Need And Desire! What you have in front of is a powerful new BTC Business Model that is perfect for everyone… Whether you're looking to earn extra money, replace an income or if you're ready to ACTIVELY EXPLODE your income in just a days

    MLS International Bitcoin Club is a Membership Site ( Nothing to Sell, No Monthly Fees) 2×2 Force Matrix / Follow Me System 9 Levels up to 74.52 Bitcoin



  13. odstar21

    Is there a ICO YAVA coin! Because of Babymetal YAVA song. :0 it's ok to dance like that

  14. Patrick Parker

    I just bought 1K Trinity. Long hold. Go baby!

  15. Patrick Parker

    I want to buy Trinity. But i'm confused which Trinity is it? TNC or TTY?????

  16. sam

    Hello Suppaman. At begining I didnt like your laugh and intro. Now I watch your videos everyday, and I think you have an awsome and happy mood intro. thanks

  17. Tnbeazy

    Appcoin going to the moon late in february, get it while its on sale!!

  18. Gabe Gabriel

    I think this ICO will be the one of the best for the game industry. Have a look on it refereum.com/?refid=oxn6huybuv . Also, you can win a lot of prizes in tokens. That's really cool!!

  19. Dickson Gbadago

    where can i buy trinity

  20. Fe Kobs

    What paper wallet does Appcoin & districtox use

  21. Clark Louie Maniago

    Potential ICO with only $5.1M hardcap. 3 days left before presale ICO. keyrpto.com

  22. Mass Chaos

    Hi Suppoman! A colleague of mine recently introduced me to Bullcoin Gold I need to hear your thoughts before I invest in them. You're one of the few experts that I trust.

  23. Aleks Montague

    hey Suppoman Pimp, what do you think about Hashgraph? Do a video on dat brother, please. Would be tight like a virgin. Thanks.

  24. cryptobagarin

    Great video as usual! Congratulations! I'll take a look deeply to coins you mentioned.I'm mainly focused on privacy coins for 2018: we already saw great pumps on Monero Dash and Verge but I think there are lots of space for other privacy coins. What do you think about DeepOnion? I already made a great profit since I bought some Onions few months ago but I think it's still very undervaluted. Mobile wallet will be ready soon and DeepVote will be introduce and it will give real power to the community. I suggest you to take a look a thier roadmap. It would be great to see you making a video about it.

  25. R N

    I can't believe how few videos have come out recently by our favorite Crypto Youtubers. Not a very confidence building thing to notice. Few of them are posting, suppoman more than most. Was used to everyone releasing a video (or more) each day of the week. Guess those days are over for a while…

  26. Ranger4R fg

    Hey, Suppoman! How many Appcoins have you bought?! 🙂
    Based on your analytics have bout some decent numbers. So I have faith in you ))
    So add more coins to review please, especially the one I'm holding! Lol!! I wonder when I'll become a whale))
    Check please BTX, ALTCOM (they will start masternode and rebranding soon) and DeepOnion ( they are gonna publish mobile wallet)


  27. Predrag Panic

    There is new cripto exchange platform in preparation.
    As they said, it will be one of the easiest, safest and user friendly.
    So here is referal link, check it out and decide upcoin.com/?ID=c44a5751.

  28. happenedtomorrow

    Hello Suppoman, another great video, thank you. I like Appcoin but marketcap is already high for me. The best is High Performance Blockchain, even if Circulating Supply is unknown now….it could be an hidden gem and it's a great project. I'd love to hear your opinion about some anonymous cryptocurrencies like NAV, Spectre or DeepOnion. Thanks again.

  29. jolinloler

    thank me later, dfscoin taking off soon. announcements incoming

  30. kurt9525


  31. kurt9525


  32. Antifa Istanbul

    this guy is good as a showman also even at the knowledge side but his predictions sucks big time. watch his old videos and check if he was succesfull with this predictions. almost never. but a fun to watch guy and technical aspects are good to keep up.

  33. Francisco CM

    NEO, Trinity… lets whait for Morfeo then. Oh wait, and Matrix is already an ico 😛

  34. Akshay Mahajan

    You are a Legand Mate..Like how you are helping aspiring people like us to reach the new heights of financial freedom..I pledge to help the underprivileged from my profits…

  35. J Fro

    HPB !!!

  36. CryptoPhil

    Great informative videos as usual but when is Trinity out and what exchanges?

  37. Daiwid Sadeghi

    DIX and Dimecoin (thank me later)

  38. dRichardK

    What do you guys think of Red pulse?

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