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Published on April 11, 2017
BitBay - Exchange Digital Currencies

Four things I think are very important for all programmers to know about.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. Hello IVAN, QUESTION: If the Digital Seed is produced by an application, then the application designer has the programing code which determines the digital seed production, isn't the digital seed in risk of been discovered by the application developer or the owner of the company who produces the wallet?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Yo Ivan,
    very good video. Additionally, maybe you can explain the difference between Scripting and OOP 🙂

  3. Looking back at your first video you have come so far Ivan. Congratulations! How are you going to celebrate 1 year!?

  4. SQL injection example:

    select * from SomeTable WHERE userName=' '

    so, the form would expect "Bob"

    It would look like this:
    select * from SomeTable WHERE userName='Bob'

    Very nice… but the hacker is going to send this in the form:

    ' or 1=1 or userName='

    Which gives you:
    select * from SomeTable WHERE userName=' ' or 1=1 or userName=' '

    Result is the entire table gets displayed instead of just records pertaining to Bob.

  5. Sandy

    i don't want to be well rounded…I want to very good at one thing

  6. Thanks Ivan for your easy to understand videos. I am in my 40's and have decided to get involved in the Blockchain Technology. I am learning everything on my own so videos, like yours, are very valuable to me.

  7. Hay this one is cool.but bit complicated to me i watched your block chain 15 min video 🙂 i got something thank you. Im new to development.. will you give some ideas to newbies?

  8. Your channel has helped me alot. I have huge interest in the Blockchain Technology and was looking for a way to go. I got that from your channel. While I am not necesarily aiming to personally become a guru in programmimg I want to be able to have proper understanding of that as it has to do with Blockchain. I wish you are on facebook or I could get to be able to communicate with you more directly as I really believe your guidamnce would go a long way to help me achieve my aim. Thank you. (This is my FB – web.facebook.com/jeff.okoh.90?_rdc=1&_rdr )

  9. Cool content man! It would be great to see some videos about iOS dev

  10. Very good points and skills to have, Ivan. I would perhaps add ensuring one has understood and is solving the right problem (what to do), and fighting the impulse to sit down and start coding (how to do it) if one has not. As someone once said, a problem well stated is a problem half solved. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  11. JIWC

    Thank you for your videos Ivan!

  12. Awesome video! Looking forward for more content 🙂

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