5 Keys to ICO Marketing Success

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Published on September 11, 2019


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  1. Awesome tips you have here in the video, I've been wanting to create my own blockchain marketing company or even become a marketing assistant for blockchain. The tips that you've given in the video are very helpful. Most of the ICO projects dont know that marketing their project is very important for them to reach their goal.

  2. Yes this is the most important which we need to know key sucess of ICO major thing is to navigate crytocurrency regulation and Legitimize Your ICO.for know more about ICO strategy Check: shamlatech.com/ico-marketing-agency/

  3. OPEN presents a truly global solution for the App plushing community

  4. Whoa! It`s really excellent, defining the best practices of marketing an ICO.

  5. Successful project to date! Project that can enter fast and such projects can get a quick investment!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tips for a successful ICO! I liked that you made this information understandable by beginners.

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