5 Reasons Irina is Sad She Doesn’t Own *More* Cryptocurrency

Home Media 123 5 Reasons Irina is Sad She Doesn’t Own *More* Cryptocurrency
Published on February 12, 2016

Irina is back — a swank bar setting and fine vodka prompt her to reveal that she’s sad — she wants more cryptocurrency! Let Irina describe to you the perks, discounts, profitability, and fun that can be had using magic Internet money.

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  1. bndrcr82a08e349g

    never seen a more beautiful woman

  2. Beckys Young

    1:08 I died went she spit that drink on the floor

  3. Rusty Case

    Yes, tnx for links and entertainment. Did you enjoy fabbing the set ? It looks great. And the camera guy manservant did a great job, too ! Leave him the short end of the bottle, from us. rc

  4. Anomalous

    You've help me so much maybe I'll give you a sip of my volka….. maybe.

  5. Dave Breger

    That was Awesome!

  6. Greg ketterman

    I love Irina

  7. kosai19

    Is Irina single? I find her sexy 😉

  8. nlucctw2

    1:45 "NO SCANNERS"?

  9. nlucctw2

    lol epic

  10. Adam M

    Твоё здоровье!

  11. Lee Gordon Seebach

    Thanks for the Bitbond tip. P2P lending is a tremendous idea. Love this video!

  12. Thomas

    Funny yet informative. I'm so confused…

  13. Campbell Scott

    More i love it. Humour keeps the mind open and you can actually learn more.

  14. Rob Ellis

    This was great. My favorite so far..

  15. Jalisson Rufino de Sousa

    Sorry Amanda ! You know. You are pretty and everything, but you have boyfriend and more important I felt in love for Irina.

  16. Dima Starodubcev

    You are amazing! I am telling you as russian!

  17. Vince Liem

    Don't be too one sided. Are you going to make another video of why you're happy with enough cryptocurrencies?

  18. Purple Wolf

    I love it. With that sultry stare, Irina must be a Scorpio. 🙂

  19. Memo x

    oooh that was genius and perfect keep up that crazy style

  20. ShapeShift.io

    So good hahaha

  21. Lucas Zanella

    you're good at acting 🙂

  22. Don Gateley

    Amazing identity shift and accent. I'm hooked. Thanks!!

  23. And I'm An Anarchist

    You're so freaking awesome, I can hardly stand it!

  24. Ronald van den Boogaardt

    i'm happy i subbed

  25. lollz y.

    Reason number one why she doesnt own more crypto: Bitcoin is banned in Russia.

  26. dieyoung

    Ok, I know this is going to sound fugged up but when I first saw your channel a few months ago, my initial reaction was "great, a pretty girl who pretends she cares about crypto". Admittedly, I had low expectations. How wrong you have proved me Amanda.

    Your channel is spectacular! I'm looking forward everyday to watching a new video from you. You consistently pump out great content and you obviously really know your stuff. You're a great host with a great personality. Please keep doing what you're doing, me and almost 5,000 other people love what you do!

  27. benhmn

    I am offensive and I find this Russian!

  28. nostdim

    Hi Amanda! How are you able to speak that well with russian accent? Are you russian?

  29. Paul Melton

    Hehe great character! There's a bond movie spoof just waiting to be made for Irina.

  30. Mohammed Ahmed

    how you can be great in that accent ?

  31. ConsideringPhlebas

    Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

  32. Leon White

    I'm Russian, I wanna drink vodka with you Amanda!) And make many cryptocurrency also, ofcourse

  33. redrahaka

    I don't know what to say…. you leave me utterly speechless Irina

  34. Pierre Barnard


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