5 Reasons StellarX Is A GAME CHANGER! [Stellar Exchange Review/ Walk-Through]

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Published on October 10, 2018

5 Reasons StellarX Is A GAME CHANGER! [Stellar Exchange Review/ Walk-Through]

Watch this video to find out why StellarX is a game changer for cryptocurrency!

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  1. IKasinoShowdown

    They added ox in coinbase today 🙂 already bought 15euro of them.

  2. Burnell Morel

    This is an interesting video about being able to give crypto a physical location

  3. shahid hamid

    I appreciate the research work put into this video : )

  4. easemailbox

    1:45 "Because I am a crypto currency investor I hope to make a lot of METH …..er I hope to make a lot of money"…… Mmmm what was he thinking of.

  5. starraider25

    You guys are crazy if you think that Stellarx is something great! IT AIN'T anonymous. They still TRACK YOU! If you wanna deposit US dollars, minimum is $1000 and you gotta give them your SSN. So the ONLY good thing about it is that you can park your cryptos in tether there.

  6. Gary Dowling

    Thanks for talking about StellarX Austin. It definitely looks like it's worth checking out.

  7. Krypto Crack Head

    We def appreciate the knowledge you drop upon us!!

  8. Alex K.

    Thanks for the video. StellarX an interesting concept and being built on top of 3rd Gen Stellar network, this DEX (which is what it is really, decentralized exchange) can actually be usable (with on chain transactions confirmed under 10 sec unlike the Etherium based Dex). Please be aware that anything you send to this exchange (fiat or other cryptos) will be converted to XLM and deposited into your wallet that you control. All trading pairs are vs XLM currently and most are done with 3rd party tethers (be that fiat or other cryptos). Unfortunately there is an issue of trust and transparency when it comes to issuers of those tethers, since there is no easy way to know if they actually have the asset to back up their issued tether. On top of that there are also fees to convert tethers back into underlying asset. But overall, secure decentralized exchange with no fees and reasonably fast confirmations can be a game changer indeed.
    PS, one thing to note, when sending XLM from this exchange to lets say Binance, please make sure your withdrawal includes a memo. Due to silly UI bug, there is a way that that memo can get erased and without it, it took me a full day with Binance support to recover my XLM deposit that was sent without memo because it was reset during withdrawal. So make sure to triple check before you send!

  9. Sandy O

    I got a look at StellarX when it started but I didn't find it particularly appealing. I guess I did not understand its purpose and thought of it as just another exchange. I'll give it a second look.. btw – stay away from that meth. It will mess you up and I'd miss the great videos!

  10. Marc sl

    I will use them hopefully if you own xlm they give you perks

  11. Marc sl

    Didn't even get half way through the video and found value, I would like stellar X to add AUD but it will come . Good job guy's

  12. Thomas Hogue

    I hope to make alot of meth, I mean money!

  13. Salin Gauchan

    Thanks for bringing great videos everyday.. So is this platform have anything to do with Stellar lumens.XML?

  14. Stevens L

    Im not gonna lie stellar x sounds amazing. Definitely will check it out

  15. Cryptotitz Cryptroll Franky

    Im trying to get the tip in the dip and here we are with some more xrp vagina juice….NCASH.

  16. Poike Stomps

    looks promising! will try!

  17. crypto darthmarc

    i already have an account there and at least at first sight i don t understand how to use it, of course i trade in binance and many other exchanges, but this one i have no clue how to use it have any tutorial or something???? lol

  18. Gianluca Aversano

    best channel on crypto ever 😉 Great value, as always!

  19. Dr Williams

    Trade anything? So does this mean you can sell your realestate.. house/apt on here?

  20. Tom Lee

    Hi Altcoin Daily
    Do your like more XLM than XRP?

  21. Jon Russ

    Love this channel!

  22. Austin Anderson

    I like it but the only problem I have is how limited their coin selection is at the moment

  23. Lachhab Regragui

    Digitex exchange will be a game changer.

  24. TimeHawkings

    XLM is my largest hold

  25. Michael Murray

    Can you do a video on Robinhood App??!?!?! I'm getting into Marijuana Stocks also!!!

  26. Joey Masters

    Hola  always a Fantastic epistemology { Journey within and beyond the SPEED OF LIGHT } perhaps you will watch this I,think  that you will enjoy the Kpurney

    Another Bitcoin Interview w/ John McAfee

    the Journeygracias

  27. James Lardakis

    Im preparing to add heavily!! Ive just been Holding what I have and will actually be bringing my average up on #Bitcoin!!

  28. Abominable Slowman

    Love the no fee zone

  29. Israel G.

    Thanks for the video is useful content…cheers from west-Hollywood California.

  30. arhern7

    Who else hit the like button ONLY because he brought it up? Lol

  31. Jamaal Gill

    Thanks for the insightful video per usual my guy! Will the XLM tokens be to Stellar X what the BNB tokens are to Binance? Will the XLM tokens have any function on the site or is StellarX not at all dependent on the XLM tokens? If not, how will StellarX increase the value of the XLM tokens?

  32. vanjahv

    Can I buy coins on this platform

  33. Greenblock UA

    Love your content ! My Altcoin Daily newspaper !

  34. Rob G

    Thanks again

  35. m c

    how do they make money? What is the effect on xlm price?

  36. Antilena

    Thank you for the update, I will be using it.

  37. flibustier

    It looks a lot like localbitcoin but with the great and more secure stellar protocol. Also a great alternative to coinbase. I don't think it's a real game changer per say, decentralized exchanges is the 2018-2019 new modo and we see it pop everywhere.

  38. free thinker

    Someone is paying for StellarX service, nothing is free. In poker the saying goes, "If you don't know who the fish is, you are the fish".

  39. H J

    How will XLM be used in stellerx?

  40. Sinasta

    After watching this I properly need to buy more Stellar coins lol…

  41. Crypto Mi-Fi

    Great video – wouldn’t expect anything less from this channel

  42. H J

    Thinking to buy XLM. Is it the right time coz what if btc dumps?

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