80% Miners Shut Down in South Korea?! Hottest ICO & Crypto News | Dec 31, 2018~Jan 4, 2019

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Published on December 24, 2018

🔥 ICOrush presents the Bitcoin news & cryptocurrency news of Week 1 of 2019 (Dec 31, 2018~Jan 04, 2019) 🔥

1. Is Ethereum Price Gearing Up for the Next Big Move?
Ethereum price is gaining momentum against the US Dollar as well as Bitcoin. Technical analysis of ETH price against the US Dollar shows that the price must stay above the strong support level at US$130 for initiating a fresh rally upwards.

2. South Korea Proposed 6 Crypto Bills in 2018
The Financial Services Commission (FSC), top financial regulator of South Korea, said that 6 crypto bills were submitted to the South Korean National Assembly in 2018. While the first proposed South Korean crypto bill was an amendment to the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the latest was Digital Asset Trade Promotion Act.

3. Cryptocurrency Market Volume Report of December 2018 shows Improvement
Cryptocurrency market volume of top 5 most traded cryptocurrencies in December 2018 saw the strongest increase since May 2018. However, month-over-month cryptocurrency volume of other crypto assets, in fact, declined in December 2018.

4. HitBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Freezes Multiple Accounts of Customers
HitBTC, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has reportedly frozen multiple customer accounts just before the annual Proof of Keys event on January 3, 2019.

5. Fortnite Store Starts Accepting Monero Cryptocurrency
Fortnite store, famous for selling merchandise for the blockbuster online video game, has now started accepting Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency. Reports say due to privacy-related concerns, the store is not yet accepting payments in Bitcoin. Announcement to accept Monero as a payment option by Fortnite store has not been officially done yet by the gaming company. The news was shared on January 1, 2019, on Reddit by the Fortnite fans. The news got a huge positive response.

6. Bitcoin Cash based Name System Cashaccount.info Available Now
Jonathan Silverblood, proponent and developer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has launched the beta version of Cashaccount.info. This new platform is Bitcoin Cash powered new identification system. It reportedly connects customized, human-readable aliases to be tied to BCH addresses.

7. Ethereum Price Bullish above US$150, Becomes 2nd Largest Cryptocurrency Again
Ethereum (ETH) price against the US Dollar has jumped 13.8% during early trading hours of Wednesday to reach US$154.48, increasing the market capitalization to US$16.09 billion. This has helped the altcoin to become the second largest altcoin (in terms of market cap) again by overtaking Ripple (XRP).

8. BitTorrent Token (BTT) to be Launched Soon on the TRON Network
BitTorrent is reportedly creating its own cryptocurrency named BitTorrent Token (BTT). It will run on Tron protocol, which was developed by Tron. The new cryptocurrency will be issued by BitTorrent Foundation, which is based in Singapore.

9. Ethereum Plans to Reduce Energy Consumption by 99% – Is it Possible?
Ethereum is planning to move from the current Proof-Of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol in the coming future. Reports say this move will curtail energy consumption by around 99%.

10. Report Claims 70-80% South Korean Crypto Miners Shut Down in 2018
Chinese state television has partnered with Financial Channel (CCTV-2) to prepare a report documenting the toll the South Korean cryptocurrency miners faced during the deep crypto bear market of 2018. The report highlights that 70-80% of the crypto miners have shut down their operation after Korean cryptocurrency premiums fell by 97.5%.

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