$BAT Listed on Coinbase ? Why $XLM is Next | Will Bitcoin Price Drive Adoption?

Home Media 123 $BAT Listed on Coinbase ? Why $XLM is Next | Will Bitcoin Price Drive Adoption?
Published on August 2, 2019

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  1. jock mock

    xlm can be a part of scam plot with coinbase, they both may earn from insider trading, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Man Up

    This is very handy to list shitcoins, earn on insider trading and then increase fees on them. Coinbase knows how to make dirty money!

  3. Don Willy

    Stellar is an element of insider trading made by Coinbase to pump its rate and get profits from it. This is illegal act by the way.

  4. EL I AM

    what happens when the Circulating Supply

    1,240,566,787 BAT
    is equal to the
    Total Supply

    1,500,000,000 BAT?

  5. E D

    When vechain

  6. Daniel S

    Hoping XLM is next as well.

  7. Aljonry Blackpitched

    Ohhh… Someones gotta factor out the cost when mining powered by solar cells.

  8. Diego Lombardi

    these videos gotta stop, same old BS all the time

  9. Phillip Sacker

    How much will xlm pump before the listing?

  10. Ravi Maheswari

    LOL these CB listing now are just an excuse for longer time frame P&Ds. Got myself a bag of XLM.

  11. Jonathan Moseley

    When will the shakedown happen? Do we honestly think that EVERYTHING will be tokenized? Is blockchain really the miracle it claims to be? Isn’t the point of it mainly “decentralization”? How can we really expect corporatists to allow this to occur since their very existence is in jeopardy?

  12. Tushar Choudhary

    New to your channel!

  13. Carole H. Littlejohn

    It is just so annoying that I had not invested a long time ago, I actually mailed HILLS Two months ago, but I was nervous and ran away because I wasn't really sure and what I had was not actually enough or should I say my last cash?, it wasn't just the right time . The first investment I made 2 weeks ago of $2,500 won me $32,000 the result is not so easy to bring to reality, I must applaud his efficiency as I'm not the only one he has done this for, contact him by email [email protected]gmail.com

  14. Jeff S

    Bring on the BAT


    BAT Finally!!

  16. Parrot Mike

    ZRX should be next

  17. Matt

    Yep XLM next

  18. Brandon Rogers

    I am interested in the price target of $BAT as an investment. Really good coin. If bitcoin drops down more especially to 3K, would it hurt the price of $BAT?

  19. kelley ryan

    I'm confused why are people pro xlm . If I understand correctly xlm has no maximum supply limit . Is that correct? And if so why would it be any different than Fiat. Seams like a good weapon.

  20. Mr. Alex

    XLM is the best!

  21. Gamer Chuck


  22. Babasera

    I like BAT!

  23. Crypto Satoshi

    Nice info Bitboy

  24. Reyno SA-Crypto

    Oh before I forget …xlmoooooooooooonnn…lol
    Imaginary Ben walking …lol

  25. Rohan W

    Mate good vid – good to see BAT going on Coinbase as it is one of my bullish tokens on the market

  26. x t

    Gochain is huge. Now it is featured on binance new research section.

  27. Jack Alom

    $xlm pump time! Bitboy in LA or Atl…whoah!

  28. Jaspir

    I totally agree XLM is next listed on coinbase Hope you all been loading up on them!

  29. PDX Brewer

    Verified BAT is also listed on CB Pro… BAT/USDC pair only tho!!! LMAO!
    Good on XLM, how about that $125m 'Airdrop' coming?

  30. Crypto Terp

    Great vid, BitBoy! I'll be looking to take a position with Stellar soon myself!

  31. Gandhiji io

    Sup Bitboy, Would you watch one of my videos bro. Make up your own mind but I think it is important, its the latest video on my channel

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