(Raw and Uncensored) Bitcoin Foundation Founder, Charlie Shrem Interviews Scott Scheper of XYO

Home Media 123 (Raw and Uncensored) Bitcoin Foundation Founder, Charlie Shrem Interviews Scott Scheper of XYO
Published on November 21, 2018

Charlie Shrem discusses XYO’s successful Token Sale, what’s next with the GAMMA Platform Launch and blockchain’s first community powered satellite system (featuring Charlie’s face).

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  1. Daniel Lee

    I plan on investing here, its the future for sure, I hope you guys keep the enthusiasm and don't end up selling out on us or the CEO ends up owning an island somewhere. I geek out a bit and its easy to see that if this stays on track then maybe one day there will be a highway in the sky with ur little nodes pinging away everywhere.

  2. Econymous

    I am trying to get on top of this so fast

  3. Jenny Shefard

    XYO is a very promising project. I am proud because I am with this project.

  4. Steven Foo

    This would be fantastic if there's an XYO app for android/IOS that allows the device to act as some of the XYO network components(kinda like SmartMesh's mesh network) and then get paid in XYO token via a Mobile crypto wallet(Preferably the MFCHAIN* App 🙂 Use some 'GoTenna' Mesh so can send/receive crypto without an internet connection ). Will make mass adoption ridiculous cos you can earn XYO tokens while supporting the network.
    *MFChain – Multi blockchain, atomic swap, multi-currency ICO platform, multiprogramming language, Fiatconversions, Masternode

  5. Johnny G

    Keeping it real bro, awesome. I like it and feel my money is in the right place. Use your words freely its good to hear one of us on the other side. Like your vision

  6. Psyche Gem

    awesome project. can't wait for the satellite to go up in space!

  7. Scott Scheper

    Hey Everyone! Scott here. Look, I'm not normally the one to apologize for being edgy and pushing back against corporate-filter speak; if you're a member of our community you already know I communicate in a very different way: with my audience directly and authentically. By being authentic/real with my community and our shareholders, and token holders. But in this example (and concerning cussing when representing XYO publicly), I hear your feedback and I agree with you. I will make sure to work on the sailor's mouth I've somehow developed (2am startup/tech culture with pizza, Coke Zero and blasting rock music is the life I'm living). Anyways, I pledge to you all that I'll clean up the mouth and represent XY and XYO in a more professional manner. That said, you can rest assured that I will NOT clean up my enthusiasm for XYO! Go XYO!

  8. Colt Albrecht

    Good to see videos being released to the community!

  9. Daniel Dilanian

    How do I get XYO?

  10. michael smith

    Scott should have a better way to deliver the message..very hard to follow you without getting frustrated…

  11. All about cripto currency and future

    один из лучших проэктов успехов вам в развитии!

  12. Polopunk

    So excited about this project – can’t wait to see what the next 12 months holds!

  13. UNIZEN

    I am so freaking glad that I have a stake in XYO future! Such a wise decision.

  14. Ou2

    Ohhh.. you could charge 1 XYO token for an XY tracker, than burn the ones you receive with the other….. lol

  15. Sharp mind

    Good. Nice Xyo project. Great work by team.

  16. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Scott, your language sounds that of construction labourers! If you speak for the company and targeting wider audience ,please use a decent language and less of the F word.

  17. Mister Benjamin

    Thanks Scott and Charlie… I’m super pumped to be part of the team. Wish there was more I could do up here in NorCal/East Bay Area! I’m anxiously awaiting the good words on my “Founders Club” mining kit, the iOS app, how to set up a Raspberry Pi as a sentinel (I might just load up on em when the time comes!) and most importantly, those awesome T-shirts and hats so I can help get the word out! I love being part of a young, promising, capable, and ambitious project like this! Let’s go get this world tagged XYO!

  18. Ou2

    You should hand out XY trackers to all early token holders….

  19. Mustafa Ay

    Have this token a good future? It has good tech?

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