51% blockchain attacks don’t happen for one reason, they are not profitable

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Published on November 20, 2018
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  1. Matt Wick

    Dude, you deserve way more subs. I know that's cliche to say, but your content is so good.

  2. Graylan

    Lcc got attacked by 51% .

  3. I.B.L.B 562

    2:50 for the lol

  4. N0ir

    Richard's logic is undeniable ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Serial Thrilla

    Interesting point here. Hmmm.

  6. Dee Bee

    Beautiful ………. f-ing poetry !!!!!! Luv you Richard !!!!

  7. Chaotic Crypto

    lol this is great

  8. Crowquills Crowquillz


  9. tester2014

    3:03 "illegal time!" ))))

  10. Spiritus

    I like these, but you'd get more shares on social media if you removed the "Billionaire, blockchain thought leader" from the description. Even if you are a billionaire, blockchain thought leader, nobody much likes egotistical people who blow their own trumpet like self proclaimed, self made millionaire Roger Ver for example!

  11. Michael Mwakazi


  12. Dink Ratasouixa

    It literally took me 5 seconds to get the gist of your video. Your video got to the point in the amount of time a gif runs. Efficient! Kudos

  13. Claimy McClaim

    this didnt age well XD

  14. austin m

    Rhett is such a scummy guy lol

  15. Erik Halvorssen

    In a hypothetical situation: If I owe someone 10000 BTC and I dont have 10,000 BTC then wouldnt i benefit from a 51% Attack?

  16. bugyourparents

    makes sense don'it?

  17. ServantOfNone

    interview with datadash

  18. AndrejCibikDesign

    This aged well 😀 lol

  19. larposan

    Well… BTG and ZEN got 51% attacked, and it was very profitable. The reason why this is feasible and does happen is that you can rent mining power (NiceHash), and the asics work on multiple coins. Unlike what one would think, the price of the hacked coins didn't drop that much, and the mining hw can be used on other projects.

  20. AbsoluteFacepalm

    I agree when it comes to bitcoin but didn't a bunch of shitcoins like verge and bitcoin gold get 51% attacked recently? GPU miners will hold their value so you can just point them at whatever low hash rate shitcoin you want to attack. Those coins barely fell in value any more than the next alt so it seems like the attackers made a few easy millions out of it.

  21. Yasha Harari

    Drone Attacks! FTW.

  22. Crypto Dinero

    Rhett's such an idiot lmao

  23. Papa Mango

    Richard, what if someone (like Buffett, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and or so on) wants to kill Bitcoin to start their own currency? Then there is the sense. It's profitable.

  24. Robin Blong

    Love watching you shred people bro! Just wondering could the bitcoin network somehow be blocked at the network infrastructure level if the government ordered it?

  25. Storm&Cloud

    Predator drones: boom boom

  26. Khan A

    Rhette the rat, the guy knows pump n dump forking coins , don't waste ur time on him Richard, he has horse shit up his brains

  27. The Apprentice of Honor

    I like watching your videos Richard!

  28. Nicholas Lubrano

    This stuttering prick was painful to watch in your original interview lol

  29. the truth


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