‘Blockchain Bunker’: Is the Future of Finance (Literally) Underground?

Home Media 123 ‘Blockchain Bunker’: Is the Future of Finance (Literally) Underground?
Published on March 17, 2016

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  1. Bitcoin is Simple

    This is your best hairstyle so far, please keep this one 🙂

  2. Rusty Case

    This is an interesting presentation, Amanda ! You are # 1 !!!
    It was gratifying for me to see recognition of the zombie mega biker apocalypse, and how decentralized control immediately reverted to a center, within a bunker, no less !
    As I grinned to myself, you next admitted the wheels within Your head would begin turning, in hopes you could grasp the concept… it is one of fragility of the model. Perhaps you might investigate radio communication for emergency workers who find themselves in a crisis scenario… Will the nodes function ? When ? And at what rate ?
    … When you would very much like to have 1/4lb of that venison, or even TP !
    Would Au be in your pocket, alongside the worthless cellphone ???
    Or is the Shire hardened, and everything around it ??? Likely not… rc

  3. Masaharu Morimoto

    Bitcoin at $420 blaze it!

  4. Brad

    Amanda, I got a good LOL on your "..WOW, lip flapping exhale" or chortle or whatever you call it… reaction to his owning the bunker.

  5. Hermanator

    Holy shit.. Can't wait for update….Big fan Amanda.. your content is awesome and I find your all I need to get my crypto diet

  6. Samuli Pahalahti

    Bitshares is quite useful for sidechain projects. If other blockchains become sidechains, they can move their currencies to Bitshares exchange for trading and transferring (Bitshares blockchain is much more faster than Bitcoin blockchain, so people might want to use it because of that). That's the immediate advantage.

    AFAIK it works something like this: When you move bitcoins to Bitshares blockchain, you will "lock" the real BTC in Bitcoin blockchain and get SIDE.BTC asset to your account in Bitshares blockchain. Then you can trade and transfer that as you like. When you (or somebody else) want to use those bitcoins in the real Bitcoin blockchain, you will transfer the SIDE.BTC to a spesific sidechain account and after that the BTC in Bitcoin blockchain is "released" (transferred to your account).

    And in addition to immediate trading and transfer advantage, there is also the risk management advantage. When other blockchains are sidechains of Bitshares, witnesses (and/or maybe other workers who handle the sidechain operation?) need to know the exact state of all those other blockchains. If Blockchain Bunker is involved in sidechain operations, it will automatically download all other blockchains (along with Bitshares) and so those are in safe place too.

  7. Benji Berigan

    Simply, thank you.

  8. aquapurity

    FYI Both using a paper wallet and burning your private keys to CD are EMP resistant.

  9. Financial Underground Kingdom - Best Cryptocurrency Information

    Decent episode – as usual tho 🙂

  10. SoulfulDotNL

    Wait, are you some kind of actress hired to promote cryptocurrencies and make it more attractive for the masses, or are you smart AND beautiful?

  11. Gorflaxsack

    Great episode.

  12. ausPPC

    I've got some catching up to do… btw I'm liking the out-tros – and the green screen. 😉

  13. Rick Heil

    You continue to outdo yourself Amanda. Bravo.

    Is there a link to the blog you cite?

  14. Jonathan Bahai

    Thanks for the great interview Amanda! Will keep you posted on all the sidechain goodness happening at www.blockchainbunker.com!

  15. calholli

    s0 I want t0 pr0tect all 0f the 'decentralized c0ins in this 0ne centralized place…. ya, makes perfect sense

  16. 69ratm

    I have to say it looks as if your trying to have a different hairstyle everyday. For what reason I don't know but it's almost funny now. But I can't wait to see the next episode to see what's different about it. So I guess from a marketing stand point it's working. Anyway, keep up the good work. I enjoy your videos.

  17. вадим владикавказ

    I would like to talk to you I'm from Russia we have a lot of interesting projects here's one of them there are subtitles in English translated by Google so it can be a little sloppy but the project is currently the most profitable for Bitcoins my friends were taken on 1 Bitcoin 2 of the day here is a link to see the review I'm wondering your opinion

  18. The Commons Decrypted

    Excellent info that I was not aware of about bitshares, I am going to be taking a closer look at this project Thanks Amanda.

  19. Will Darling

    also, if you do do an AMA I'm going to ask about the horse impression at 2:00

  20. Will Darling

    Madness?! -This is madness, how do your intro songs keep getting better than the best ever!

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