#blocktalk – Decred with Jake Yocom-Piatt

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Published on January 15, 2017

#blocktalk – Decred with Jake Yocom-Piatt

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• BTC : 1BBbZ6KBEnj6i1beASHm8r4Stpd5V81Mbj
• ETH : 0xf361dd41a66e62b52c36f847bede1cb11afa36­­­­ad
• JBS : JWayCXumHvtueXdS2St9LqYF5vgLq2szam

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  1. Cpt Mike Lanin

    bitcoin is bitcoin simple. decentralization is just that. I truly love your opinion that banks should not be able to hold funds. I have run into that issue. Corporate accounts being shut down due to mining. That in itself, I believe pushes people to use the pure bitcoin network and do not need any one or anything to represent that. banks dont deal with it, OK well that's the movement. Purely deal in coins. Get a wallet hold a use trade buy change the world financial system. Getting over complicated is not the answer. People should have the opportunity to use bitcoin without paying 3 different levels of infrastructure. Thoughts and feed back I would love to hear.

  2. Lidia Rivero

    I want Dash in 9 dolllars again please nowadays the price is closer to 100 dollar

  3. Lidia Rivero

    if you want to increase your profit get LITECRED if decred increased litecred would rocket to the moon.

  4. MuhfugginMike

    Yay Decred!


    I am looking forward to seeing a user friendly way to get involved

  6. Andreas Brekken

    Tough timing for trying to guess Bitcoin price! Guest guessed $850

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