“ETHEREUM BLUE” token has recently been launched and on the rise

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Published on October 26, 2017

Ethereum Blue is an ERC20 compatible coin building on top of the foundation of the Ethereum project with the ambitious goal to introduce a software security layer to the coin. Blue acts as an active deterrent for common programming mistakes and malicious smart contracts that exist today on the Ethereum platform.

The Blue team aims to create a token that allows for true growth of Ethereum as a currency, and the dev team has focused energy solely on building a pipeline for secure transactions. While Ethereum has been valuable and served us well as a starting point, it has known flaws in the way it interacts with smart contracts. These common programming errors have been eliminated by use of the secure transfer method pioneered by our team.

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  1. Crypto News

    Ethereum Blue is a confirmed SCAM…ex member of team confirmed that they will drop this project around 10$…Happy investing fools!

  2. Greg Payne

    Will blue hit other exchanges????

  3. Viplove

    Thank you for replying, and there must be some way to purchase it, please if you can try finding once again Sir.

  4. Viplove

    Hi brother, can you please tell me how can we buy Ethereum Blue on Ether Delta..

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