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Published on November 21, 2018

The ‘Network Effect’ will singlehandedly decide which Cryptocurrencies are a success and which are not.

In this video, I answer the following questions:

– What is the network effect?
– How does the network effect relate to Cryptocurrencies?
– Which Cryptocurrencies have the biggest networks?

The aim of this video is to highlight the importance of the network effect in Cryptocurrencies and discuss how technological improvements alone are nothing without building a network to use it

The Crypto projects with the largest, successful network will be the ultimate winners, not necessarily the best from a technical standpoint

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Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. Please remember that all of our videos are simply our personal opinions. I don’t claim to be a market expert and I’m only human so I will make mistakes from time to time. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investments can go up and down with cryptocurrencies being an especially volatile market.

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  1. CarTaxi ES

    Network effect is extremely important for the success of a crypto-project, not only for the value of the coin/token, but also. Every single crypto has dumped in the last year, but only the ones with a great and supportive community like Monero's or DeepOnion's will bounce back in the long term. Don't expect abandoned projects to pump and hold the price high if there is just fog and not a strong project, community and network of users and vendors willing to accept it. On the other hand, looking at exponential potential and fibonacci's the most profitable strategy would be to pick up a low cap which is still building the network, because if the network is already there there is less risk but less profit potential too, looking at multiplicators.

  2. Gareth Mensah

    absolute nonsense.

  3. alicepao13

    I think that people will come to appreciate the technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies too, in time, and all the advantages that come with certain cryptocurrency features. It's hard to ignore the fact that, for example, some privacy coins can make your transactions practically untraceable. For me, that was a significant factor when I invested in DeepOnion and Zcash.

  4. David Lewis

    Quality video as always Tom

  5. gwapogi

    DeepOnion $ONION has a successful project in cryptocurrency

  6. Nagesh Addepalli

    Hi Tom, I am a big fan of your analysis, knowledge,coin picks and honesty. Over the past 7-8 months you have come across very good projects. But as we are in the bearish market for last 7-8 months many of the good projects also beaten down heavily. I am listing down some of the good picks that you are interested of.
    Gochain, Tenzorum, Havven, OneLedger, REN, Oyster PRL, Blockport, Signals, Wepower, Quantstamp, Powerledger, Substratum.

    Now I would request you to tell your opinion on which among the above are most undervalued based on the current valuations.Which among them have greater probability of giving higher returns? I am absolutely fine to lose the money which I am risking off. I am aware of the risks involved in crypto. Please share your opinion on the ranking of the above coins based on the current valuations. Waiting for your valuable opinion. Please feel free to add any other good project which you are interested of to the above list.

  7. nisan aytar

    you talk too much but say the same things over and over again. please be more precise your videos are hard to watch like this.

  8. Guillaume Léveillé

    Ok. So how do I follow the evolution of the network effect in the crypto space in general ?

  9. Crash Monkeyz

    I completely agree

  10. Valdemar Dragonborn

    talking about Neblio ? hehe 😀

  11. B_ mused

    And the network effect unfortunately will work against decentralization and crypto too because people won’t want to leave what they know and are comfortable with to wander into the unknown to try something new. I don’t know how many times I wanted to delete my FB account only to not follow through because that’s my only way to stay in touch with many people I know… As much as I want a viable decentralized alternative to the mainstream social media giants, it’s going to be a tall order (not saying it can’t be done) to have the masses migrate over due to the “network effect”. Thanks as always for all of your great content, cheers!

  12. Carlos Filipe

    Tom, what are your thoughts about the upcoming launch of xRapid?

  13. GTM2012PlaylistGazza

    Hi Tom, can you please do a video on Digitex Futures Exchange, they are going to launch in Q4 and people are calling them the ‘Bitmex Killer’ thanks!

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