3 Most Likely Crypto Projects to Survive 3-5 Years | Monarch Update | Bitcoin Explodes for Square

Home Media 123 3 Most Likely Crypto Projects to Survive 3-5 Years | Monarch Update | Bitcoin Explodes for Square
Published on November 11, 2018

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  1. Austin Villanueva

    Love the transparency. Need more straightforward people like you

  2. kevin bray

    Loved the vid loved the picks u mentioned my top 5 so feeling good

  3. Jack Watson

    Bitcoin – Litecoin – DigiByte

  4. Jack Watson

    Digibyte has already been around for nearly 5 years, outliving 90% of ‘projects’. I don’t see it disappearing. It will find more and more use-cases. People will look back in five years and wonder why they didn’t invest at these prices. DGB.. flying under the radar all the way to the top. ⭐️

  5. PeekAtUEntertainment

    Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, BCH.

  6. Momo

    great pixs

  7. intheone1

    I agree on Monero (and probably Zcash) and BTC. I have not learned anything about Basic Attention Token…. yet!

  8. intheone1

    Very insightful about an existing "big players" coming into the space… if things take off (and get more regulized) we'll see that type of action in all sectors (not just payment processing).

  9. DoctorWa

    Subbed from Crow's recommendation!

  10. Benjamin Knotts

    Good content

    It’s difficult to say what the next big thing is long term.
    My bet is on infrastructure tokens.

  11. Reyno Pluhar

    Man, great info on monarch.. I'm still yet to use it but waiting for more coins to be listed…man there has to be a pop..we can't keep them all…

  12. Dylan Snider

    Good concept altcoins will do quite well

  13. daniel Rubens

    If I was to pick 3 I would go

    See how we go in 5 years

  14. Phil SOP

    Pirate (ARRR) is the best Privacy Coin. You forget or dont know about. Its mutch more better than XMR!!!

  15. Jay Myers

    another great video!

  16. Poppa Silver

    Like the shirt bro!

  17. Michael Ellis

    I haven't spoken to a single publisher or fellow content creator who thinks the BAT system works well. Brave could have used BTC or ETH natively, the BAT token itself is useless. – Jackson Palmer (Not fud just high marks for a bright mind in the crypto space) –

  18. Michael Ellis

    I don't think a lot of people realize this – but as a publisher/creator, you actually can't directly receive BAT into a wallet where you hold the private keys. You are literally forced to use a custodial third-party company called Uphold. Brave/BAT is not decentralized at all. – Jackson Palmer (the real dogelord)

  19. Stinky Pete

    What happens when you spend Ltc at a merchant? What does that Merchant do with the Ltc? Hold it? I don’t think so. There’s no incentive to hold Ltc and it’s going nowhere longterm. Vechain is the only project with huge enterprise and government adoption.

  20. James Edwards

    Great video man!! Keep up the good work!

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