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Published on November 22, 2018

1. The overview of NILE COIN
NILE COIN (NC) is a digital currency and developed in the form of open-source software (OSS). NILE COIN operates on a peer-to-peer networking protocol on the Internet, without any central bank managing it.

NILE COIN is provided automatically and limitedly. It is scheduled according to Algorithm-based schedule. Bitcoin is provided to computers which “dig” coin to pay for authenticating Bitcoin transaction and writing them into the ledger scattered on the peer-to-peer network. This is called “blockchain”. NILE COIN is provided to mobile devices which “exploit” NILE COIN to verify transaction and write them into the ledger scattered on the peer-to-peer network. This is called “Nilechain”. NILE COIN technology is superior because the cost of exploiting NILE COIN is low. With NILE COIN, we don’t have to use super-configured computers, which has changed totally the way to confim transactions. Not only that, NILE COIN applies the quantum technology to process transactions with a high speed. To see that, you can download Nilechain and try trading. It is different to blockchain. With blockchain, if you pay more, your transaction speed is faster and if you pay less, your transaction is in the queue. You can waste 1 minute or 2 minutes, even 1 day or 2 days completing your transaction.
The Nilechain takes only 0.0001 seconds to verify when you log in to your wallet after entering your PIN, but with Blockchain, it takes you a minuvete to verify. You can try using 2 wallets at a same time to compare their speed.

Bitcoin is a leading algorithmic currency that has changed the way to bill, storage and increased the transparency in the financial industry.
NILE COIN is made on that foundation, that gives the best currency tools to the financial industry. Currently NILE COIN is being widely used in e-commerce. It has been used to integrate the payment system on many major e-commerce websites in Japan and Russia.

It shows that NILE COIN is a turning point in the 4.0 industrial revolution, more specifically the financial technology revolution.

2. Security and privacy
NILE COIN trading uses X11 algorithm which is more advaNiled than SHA256 algorithm. This confirms its high security.

It’s too hard to attack NILE COIN because it is made on quantum technology. With this technology, no computer is available to decipher its encoding.

The Bitcoin wallet is automatically generated with 35 characters and the transaction code of 64 characters for each transaction. This proves that the bitcoin account is secure. When NILE COIN has added 2 characters to the wallet and 4 characters to the transaction code, NILE COIN’s privacy is affirmed to be the best.

3. Exploiting
Every year, the number of NILE COIN is constantly created and the difficulty is refined based on the capabilities of the entire network by the automatic network. From 2017 to 2019, the number of NILE COIN which can be exploited will be approximately 5.1 million NC. From 2019 to 2023, the number of NILE COIN which can be exploited will decrease to 4.6 million NC. The number of exploited NC will decrease gradually and in 2067, the NC will eventually be fully exploited. When the final NILE COIN is exploited, there will have no NC to exploit. This limitation makes the scarcity and value of NILE COIN. Proof of work systems operating with sequencing blocks when new block data including old block hashes makes it extremely difficult to change Nilechain when an attacker needs to change all of behind blocks in order that changing a block is accepted. This problem requires the attacker has more than 70% of the processing power of the entire Nilechain network. New blocks are constantly being created, and the difficulty of changing one block increases over time.

NILE COIN Team has developed a coin-digging app on mobile devices, you just have to use Appstore and Google Play to download this app to your phone in oder to dig coins.

4. The storage account
With Nilechain (an e-wallet holding NILE COIN), we can freely exchanging, trading as other valuable digital coins. Like blockchain, Nilechain is a ledger recording all transactions. Data in this ledger is constantly updated and maintained by peer-to-peer computer networks all over the world.

NILE COIN is an e- payment method, as well as cash, its functions are exchanging and making accrued value.

The cost of trading by NILE COIN does not depend on the amount of the transaction, that helps NILE COIN be attractive to people who want to trade large amounts of money.
Nilepay cards are like Visa, Mastercard, etc. We can use Nilepay cards to pay for services, daily deals. Nilepay payment gateway is a big payment gateway including a variety of currencies. NC allows the community converting into popular currencies such as USD, CNY, EUR, JPY, GBP …

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