💥Ontology BigBang💥| Airdrop: $CAR $DAD: Carblock, Decentralized Advertising | Ontology Mainnet!!

Home Media 123 💥Ontology BigBang💥| Airdrop: $CAR $DAD: Carblock, Decentralized Advertising | Ontology Mainnet!!
Published on October 30, 2018

💥Ontology BigBang💥| Airdrop: $CAR $DAD: Carblock, Decentralized Advertising | Ontology Mainnet!!

2018-07-08 19:16:02

–Ontology Mainnet Launch
As most of us know, the Ontology mainnet $ONT has gone live and the token swap is going down in the next couple of days. The launch of mainnet version 1,come with the launch of some of the core infrastructure components, they are: public chain basic services, high performance customizable blockchain framework, and protocol groups. These groups include a decentralized identity authentication protocol, distributed data management protocol, and a credit score protocol or trustworthy certification.

–Ontology dAPPs-
1. Carblock $CAR
. Carblock will be the platform and ecosystem that serves the entire auto and transportation industry. They are aiming to create a connected car system in which each party interacts through data. The market is already beginning to form, especially in China where the market will reach over 2.1 trillion dollars alone by the year 2025.
–Carblock Chain–
The Carblock chain is built on Tendermint, which provides large amount of TPS to serve the needs of the connected car industry. When Ethermint becomes mature, the chain will migrate to a similar version due to its compatibility with the cosmos sdk, so the token of the ecosystem can be circulated across many different chains. The Carblock chain will also combine with Ontology’s chain network model, and $CAR tokens will be airdropped to cars and their owners who are certified by Ontology.

2. Decentralized Advertising $DAD
DAD will be directly built on Ontology and will employ ONT ID to perform trusted identity verification. The ad industry is ripe for a blockchain revolution, and DAD is Ontology’s pick to take significant market share in china and beyond. What makes DAD special is they are combining big data system and AI algorithms to compute the optimal delivery plans focusing on ROI and user experience.

The consensus they are confirming is the new consensus VBFT based on verifiable random function, which was created by Ontology. DAD will also utilize the ONT Data framework which will support data cooperation, data resource management, and smart contract transactions.

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  1. Galahad Threepwood

    Thanks Tyler

    Do we have to do anything to claim token, as we did with EOS?

  2. Steve Mascari

    AWESOMENESS!!! I picked up Elastos.

  3. This Never Happens

    Will ont holders get some of theses airdrops ?

  4. jBird

    Hey don't through C. Bud under the bus! 🙂

  5. Helmut Gottschalk

    Great info with the right amount of tech background. Thanks, have a good one.

  6. tym 2016

    Shots fired!

  7. Aaron Dubbss

    shots fired

  8. c rodell

    your cutting board is messing up your bounce you need to go straight off the counter top

  9. Kruptos Denarius

    Your open mouth thumbnail reminds me of my other favorite youtuber….Suppoman!!!

  10. Peter Corbet

    You hit the nail right on Cryptobuds head Tyler ! So true indeed, haha.
    I think Cryptobud's telling he is "all in ONT" and quietly selling ONT and telling this afterwards in his latest video (!) is not fair to his audience and makes him untrustworthy : watch him talking about you Tyler from 9:00 min onwards :

  11. Special Sami

    Please, you've been shilling NEO since day 1. Hypocrite.

  12. hhk Lassi

    when ONT price will grow again ?

  13. OATMANscorpius

    4 bottles of space dust and binance for the win

  14. Raymond Holland

    First it's going down now. Was that expected?

  15. Topher Kety

    Hey bro, what wallet is there for ONT? Cant put it back in my NEO wallet? Also want to put it in a place where I can get my ONT gas!

  16. Christo

    You gotta finish the beer but then you take one sip, get up and leave it ?

  17. D B

    There you go again, starting crypto beef. Smh.
    Chico, are you going to start a real crypto HODL gang and do drive by's (in a Tesla), but Instead of shooting you'll throw loose keyboard keys at your rivals? lol


    High quality as always Tyler.

  19. fernad lincol

    Buy and get 7% month back.
    End of the year with 7% and next year get 2,1% and year 2020 finish with 0,8%,

  20. steve deery

    2 pops and fellow Youtubers in a few days not a good look. You know your stuff, bury the ego

  21. Dupiash 80NU5

    Is DAD the ontology airdrop for filling out a digital identity?

  22. Ankit Thakkar

    Good job bro….

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