‘The Age of Altcoins is Upon Us’

Home Media 123 ‘The Age of Altcoins is Upon Us’
Published on March 4, 2016

As an ecosystem, cryptocurrencies can no longer function with Bitcoin as a near single-point-of-failure. If all the things are to be decentralized, altcoins must now work to build out their infrastructures. ‘Cause you coulda — gonna? — be a contendah.

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  1. RobbeDesigns

    i can't focus on what you're saying while i'm watching the video.. you're to cute pff

  2. Mark Rees

    You are quickly becoming my favorite blockchain youtuber! Keep up the great work!

  3. jonathan yoakum

    I need to open the 1st Costa Rica hostel run on crypto, all crypto. It's just a matter of time now Amanda. Peace sister.

  4. Givy55

    I think it's a little early to be claiming that bitcoin is going to take the whole ship down… Lol In a month when they roll out SW and a few months later when the halving happens and the price goes way up everyone will be singing a different tune… But a understand why altcoins feel the need to attack every precieved weakness in bitcoin…

  5. Albert M Picard

    It's a whole lot of FUD, the Bitcoin network is really rather fine, higher fees and you have no problems at all until segwit comes along, which gives them times for other things like blocksize increases and lightning network. But, people are trying to drop the price in anticipation for the block halving, so whatever. Once all of the pumpers move out of ETH and other altcoins soon as they start dumping then they'll transition back into Bitcoin as the safe haven that it is, nobody REALLY thinks these coins are a threat, at least nobody worth listening to anyway.

  6. anyau92

    I think you should wait until #segwit is (if its out) in april(hopefully early april as they stated in their roadmap) before drawing to conclusions, also i think altcoins like Ethereum,Litecoin, DASH and dogecoin could supplement bitcoin in one way or another

  7. Blockchain Crypto

    Just so you all know. Bitcoin have already fix that problem. IF you send bitcoin today IT will take 5 min. Fact!

  8. Cavedrew

    I love the song. Nice touch, lol

  9. Gabriel Augusto

    Wow. This girl is crypto hearted 🙂

  10. A Redondas

    well, I regret to say that you include to many value judgments. There are challenges but bitcoin is not doomed as it appears to be after viewing your show. It is legitimate to think that because there is no hard fork agreement yet we should change to another alt coin, but it is not coherent to keep on funding yourself with it, and that is the point: people have a lot of incentives to continue using bitcoin crypto, and there is already huge infraestructure built (and planed). I think you are doing the wrong bet, that makes me think why..

  11. Roy Wessbecher

    Damn right! Good for lighting a fire under our lazy arses! I'll get a ShapeShift- ("Shifty-") button on my site asap. 🙂

  12. jonnyhatter35

    Amanda, i would encourage you to invite Fluffypony back and have him explain the way Monero deals with blocksize. It's really an elegant solution to the biggest problem Bitcoin faces atm, and it would be great for altcoin momentum.

  13. Jeremiah Nichol

    +The Daily Decrypt – I died of Dysentery on an Apple II back in '85. I did shoot an elk, however, I could only take 100lbs. with me.

  14. redrahaka

    It's funny how, when you come to the crux of the matter, my vision becomes cloudy.

  15. ugh

    One thing that makes the task at hand somewhat easier is that many altcoins are based on the Bitcoin codebase. This means that, for example, code which makes RPC calls to Bitcoin Core will work (almost?) unchanged with, say, Litecoin or Dogecoin. I know, I've done it: when I wrote a site where you could donate Dogecoin, I actually used the documentation for Bitcoin's RPC calls, and it worked wonderfully.

  16. Rick Heil

    Great job Amanda pointing out fundamental challenges we must do like governance, maintenance, building community and simply doing the work… as well as exploring all the wonderful fun shiney new toys we all love to play with.

  17. fiazkou

    Hope you are okay… you eyes looked a bit reddish and teary. Best

  18. Gregg Dourgarian

    I guess I'm getting old. The f-bomb ending reeked blowhard, unserious. Otherwise, great!

  19. Dan Gershony

    Pioneering is hard indeed.. excellent show

  20. Daniel Evrard

    Thank you! I like when you talk about pionner!

  21. anticharlatan

    Just like there is no single best model of car, phone, watch, etc., it makes no sense to consider Bitcoin the only valid cryptocoin. Need anonymity? Speed? Special features? There are altcoins that are much better suited than Bitcoin.
    Thank you Shapeshift! Makes things much easier.

  22. Lucas T

    Truth has been spoken.

  23. Chris Noonan

    Now your talking.

  24. jonnyhatter35

    Monero shot up like 30 percent today.

  25. yourliestopshere


  26. yourliestopshere


  27. halfasheep

    Yup….continuing to transition out of bitcoin into Ethereum and DASH.

  28. Stewart Mcleod

    Well an Oscar Wilde comment comes to mind.

  29. djsnakeyes

    This show keeps getting better! 🙂

  30. David Streeter

    This is such a good episode, especially about If alt-coins want to be mainstream "they need to put in the legwork". Could not have said it better.

  31. Chase That Coin

    If anyone is scared of losing money right now isn't the time for you to be involved in any crypto currency! It's still early for BTC and first breaths for altcoins…but if you have vision then see it through #LikeYourShow

  32. Eric Hecker

    Decentralize all the things!

  33. Chase That Coin

    I just feel like it would be hard for merchants to take alt coins bc of free chose. Who knows which of the 700 altcoins ppl will invest in, 2/3 of which are Pos and not proven… This would mean they'd have to take at least half the alt coins out there. I think this path will push crypto back in the public eye for a long time and make a lot of copy cat scam coins a lot of money

  34. sbohunko

    Well, Im all for alts, but the truth of the matter is that Bitcoin has always been in troubled waters and it always comes out on top.

    The reason for this is that the whole community is incentivized to make Bitcoin better whereas only a small group of alt developers is incentivized to improve an alt.

    Side chains are only a year or two away, ZKC is really making us smile here in Bitcoin land.

  35. moonman9j9


    You're not screwing around! <3

  36. Devin Nash

    Drinking to much of that David Seaman lately (no pun). bitcoin will not stop regardless if your transaction take .1 seconds or 100 days.

  37. Ward Stirrat

    Indeed The Age of Alt Coins IS upon us. FYI Coinpayments.net was the 1st Altcoin processor & now process 55 Alt Coins, including Ether. & soon Maidsafe… No need to "convert" to anything – we have 55 wallets. Check it out. Coinpayments Alexa ranking put it at the 57,000's most popular site on the Internet, 9,000 ahead of shape shift.

  38. screwityoutubization

    That was so funny.. You have died of dysentery.. LOLOLOL

  39. Isaac Calvo

    that entrance song is dope

  40. Q Queuenstein

    Video quality and lighting look good today.

  41. Thomas Kirwan

    When it comes to Bitcoin failing to keep the available supply of processing capacity in line with the demand, I think this is a situation that will inevitably be remedied because it simply must for the network to survive. I think one aspect of Bitcoin is that it is resilient to change. So much so that the network will wait until the absolute last minute to change, but that change will actually happen quite quickly once some critical moment arrives as there is too much money at stake. This is as much a negative attribute as it is positive. Your concern that Bitcoin is almost always on the other side of an altcoin transaction is certainly legitimate. I think that should Bitcoin survive, which I believe it will, this will generally tend to be the case, as Bitcoin appears to be extremely useful for settlement. I think Arcade City has a real opportunity to spread awareness of the crypto space as well as provide a great use case for spending altcoins, such as Dash, directly for services rendered.
    Though the road ahead may look like an impossible uphill battle, I think the forces that provide the greatest challenge and obstacle against this decentralization of all the things will step on their own toes and make way to this sea change.

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