$ZRX Coinbase? | $NEO NEX, Moonlight and nOS | $ICON What Is Bezant $BZNT?

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Published on May 5, 2018

0x Protocol’s addition to Coinbase as one of the first ERC20 tokens, I am predicting this to be announced at event that is coming up very soon….

A project I haven’t discussed in awhile is the South Korean blockchain project, Icon $ICON. The company behind Icon, called The Loop, has close connections to a new cryptocurrency project Bezant $BZNT, which will focus on payment rails.

The NEO Smart Economy is experiencing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) wave number 3, and from this wave there are 3 NEP5 tokens I am absolutely salivating for:
1. Neon Meta Exchange (NEX) $NEX
2. Moonlight $LUX
3. nOS $NOS

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  1. rossconuts

    Do you have a whole team producing the videos you do or is it all just you?

  2. DC Funhouse

    a few days after consensus, but this 0x news (paradex acquired by Coinbase) almost confirms that 0x will get listed soon on Coinbase–great call!

  3. RicViperMoto

    Its official!
    Great Call.. now does it tank or go higher

  4. Joost

    what a nice advice based on feelings

  5. Michael Lujan

    Switcheo exchange got me for 1400 tokens be careful.

  6. Alexander Escobell

    Any word on 0x?

  7. Mr. T

    I am no NEO hater but isn`t the value from crypto to have a plattform or currency which is dezentralized? Neo will probably rise a lot in price but why all the love for this project? It is a good but centralized project in china – so what benefits do I get?

  8. Alexander Tai

    Should I buy 400 ZRX? Or is it too late? What price prediction by end of august?

  9. Stephen Jones

    If/when it's added to Coinbase, it can easily surpass $25 by end of the year!

  10. tudor bocastorta

    I bet zero X there is real cold beer in that so called "water can"

  11. Pamela Thompson

    Coinbase will add nothing.

  12. Javi L

    Don't listen to this idiot

  13. Average Perch

    No one can predict who is the next coin to be added on Coinbase.

  14. lancerzx

    Hi Tyler, why 0x to coinbase? never heard anyone talking about that one, in fact first time i heard of it.

  15. Joel Ochoa

    Why are people still using Coinbase?

  16. Aaron Monroe

    0x isn't going to Coinbase and if you listened to CB at their last public event, they officially said it wasn't.

  17. Mike B

    Ox or BAT I think are the best candidates for coinbase and great video! You know how to explain this stuff well to people like me who are still new.

  18. shawn collins

    Im waiting for my btc to go up to buy more ICX. Such obvious choice! Go Chico!

  19. shawn collins

    Chico Hope youre right on ZRX. Cheers!

  20. Ketty Winslet

    Hello . I want to invest in GIG9 so can you review for me? is that safe to invest in or not?

  21. Bobby Junior

    Has icon started their token swap?

  22. Andrea

    wanderful wanderful video

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