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Published on July 8, 2018
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Theta Token
“Decentralized Video streaming, powered by users”

Find their site here: www.thetatoken.org/
Find their white paper here: s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/assets.thetatoken.org/Theta-white-paper-latest.pdf

Problems They’re Solving:
Poor video stream quality caused by the “last-mile” problem, particularly in developing countries;

2. High cost of video content delivery and content delivery networks (CDNs)

3. Inefficient video ecosystem and lack of transparency among advertisers, influencers and users

3 New Innovations:
Reputation Dependent Mining: Caching Video Nodes are the “Miners.” Block rewards are dependent on the reputation score of the node. (Relaying video downstream increases score.)

Global Reputation Consensus: Each cache node verifies other caching nodes down stream to give them a reputation score.

Proof-Of-Engagement (PoE): Viewers are legitimately watching content for advertiser transparency.

Current Advisors on the Project:
Justin Kan, Co-founder of Twitch Steve
Chen, Co-founder of YouTube
Fan Zhang, Founding member, Sequoia Capital China
Travis Skweres, Founder CoinMkt, one of the first US bitcoin exchanges
Rajeev Surati, MIT PhD, video compression and streaming expert
Professor Shoucheng Zhang, Founder of Danhua Capital
Sam Wick, Head of UTA Ventures, United Talent Agency Hollywood
Sebastian Serrano, Founder Ripio, first global lending network on blockchain
Cliff Morgan, CEO, GFUEL energy drink
Dennis Fong, CEO, Plays.tv aka “Thresh” the world champion of Quake and Doom

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