A decentralized blockchain without a token or cryptocurrency coin is impossible

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Published on October 31, 2017

Centralized permission-less blockchains require a token or cryptocurrency to operate. To say you like Bitcoin blockchain, but not the bitCoin is an absurd statement. The two can not be separated.
Banks may set up blockchains that don’t use tokens to operate and those systems may add great value to the bank and its customers, but without a token or cryptocurrency coin that blockchain is not decentralized.


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  1. I looked at the title of this video, and immediately subbed.

  2. Good stuff. When I hear people on mainstream media say I like the block chain but not bitcoin I know they are clueless. Amazing how many people with influence are spreading bad info.

  3. Very simple way for dolts to understand something they keep screwing up – good work. Some of these CNBC fools need the computer dropped on their hard heads…

  4. Rog Rod

    I am new to this as well. There is a lot to learn and I can not seem to learn enough fast enough. I have been looking into the European Exchange "Mothership" its cheap @ $0.11 and priced similar to binancecoin when it came out. Can you please review Mothership soon. I love your videos as I feel they have really helped me thus far.

  5. what about illegal content on a decentralised blockchain? Somehow I haven't read about an answer to this solution. If I spread content on a decentralised system which is morally repulsive, there are no ways of taking it down, are there? This should constitute a big red flag for businesses and worries me somewhat.

  6. Dave, very good topic. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the meaning and value of tokens in relation to the blockchain.

  7. Just started in crypto a couple months ago. Only have money on coin base but really wanting to get on board with a handful of alts. Suggestions from some experienced people would be nice. Live in Missoula Mt. Hard to find like minded people around here so far. Thx.

  8. People don't realize before the fed reserve, there were hundreds of different currencies! Communities even would have their own bank note! Hey Dave, know your not a financial advisor, but could you please maybe do a top 5 for 2018? Not looking particularly for a quick profit { better than silver would be great lol!}

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