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Published on November 12, 2018
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Credits to @doctor_dey for designing the info graphic.


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  1. EOS is not centralized. this video has false information.

  2. EOS is not centralized by the means of single developer. If that would be the case, then Ethereum would be centralized as well, because the Foundation makes decisions about implementing certain features or now, and the releasing the hardfork on certain date. Then it is is up to the few mining pools to accept it or not. In EOS, 21 elected Block Producers decide to approve of changes to the EOS.IO code or not. An agreement of 15 must be achieved in order for changes to take effect.
    Regarding the actual performance, for EOS it is almost 4000 TPS so far on the live mainnet (eosnetworkmonitor.io), while for Zilliqa it is all synthetic numbers, as far as I am aware. Let me know. EOS will also scale horizontally, similarly to Zilliqa, by introduction of side and sister chains.

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