A Secret Alibaba/Ripple Partnership Through ZB.com???

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Published on October 25, 2018

A Secret Alibaba/Ripple Partnership Through ZB.com???



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  1. They may be in partnership, you can cash out your XRP from Coins.ph( member of RipplleNet) in the Philippines and put it in your GCash.

  2. Is 5484 Danny(?) a reliable source?

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  4. DAN SKI

    Wow, that looks like it might be happening. I hope so, lol. Awesome find.

  5. Its quite possible because Ripple has a lot of non disclosure agreements , if its true it would be a huge announcement

  6. another possibility could also be IBM with xlm tecnology……, not a probability but a possibility…, I guess we just need to wait and see…

  7. vizhns

    Awesome news man thanks for digging that up!

  8. And didn't Jack Ma try to buy Moneygram when they were already using Ripple last year but it wasn't approved?

  9. Great job hope this is true.


  11. 20K BITCOINS will be life changing in a few years

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