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Published on August 28, 2017

Ok friends for those of you are not sure if Abjcoin is a blockchain, well i did some research and indeed, Abjcoin is a real blockchain like the Nigerian version of Bitcoin. So this is an opportunity. If you missed Bitcoin, Abjcoin is starting their ICO sales on the 1st of September 2017 with 75% discount. Dont miss it


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  1. Pls I need a detailed explanation on how to Mine Abjcoin POW with my windows system, possibly a step by step installation & configuration process. I'll so appreciate to get a positve feedback from you.

  2. Please, could make a video explaining how to do solo work, thank you I am Brazilian, and I did not understand the explanation of the site.

  3. i believe in this Coin for real. And it's decentralized ….so i need more enquiries to talk about with u

  4. i am on crypto for 7 months now. Please i already sent btc to it

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