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Published on January 22, 2018
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Attention Owners, Promoters & Affiliates Of ICO’s & HYIP’s
If you own or are a promoter of a NEW ICO or HYIP we would like to talk to you about having our Bitcoin Rollers Marketing Group be part of your advertising and marketing efforts.

Here Are A Few Qualifications Your Offer Needs To Bring To Our Powerful Marketing Family:
The ICO needs to be in pre-launch status
The HYIP can be new or seasoned.
Needs to offer lucrative affiliate commissions
The ICO tokens should be very affordable and offered in dated stages
Free ICO tokens and coins for joining would be impressive
Any additional incentives you can offer – for our marketing group to get excited about promoting your ICO/HYIP – would be POWERFUL!
What We Offer:
Your ICO/HYIP – or any biz opportunities you are working – showcased in all of our Powerful Marketing Platforms
This Bitcoin Rollers Platform you are looking at right now.
The Sizzle Call Marketing System found here:
The “ALL THE HYIP Monitor” found by CLICKING HERE
Facebook Groups found HERE, HERE & HERE
Your biz opportunities – does not need to be Bitcoin related – sent to 50 top social networking sites monthly.
The Youtube LIVE STREAM 24 hour chat room found by CLICKING HERE
A series of timely Youtube Videos focused on your ICO/HYIP launch and opportunity found by CLICKING HERE
An extensive training course on how to invest into Bitcoin related opportunities found by CLICKING HERE
A weekly Bitcoin/Altcoin GIVE AWAY to the visitors of our powerful marketing platforms found below…


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