ACXU Presents: Audiobook Audition Techniques and Critiques

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Published on September 1, 2015

ACXU Presents: Audiobook Audition Techniques and Critiques

Your audition is the gateway to great work and new connections, but how can you make a strong first impression? Audible Studios producers Mike Charzuk and Kat Lambrix have heard it all. Hear their wisdom on how to land your next gig with a high-quality audition.

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Footage shot at the 3rd annual ACX University at Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ.


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  1. those that cannot do, instruct

  2. what is a "short form reel"?

  3. army103

    Well, the first 3 minutes were kinda useful…the rest is just barely audible if I crank my speakers and put my ear right up to them.

  4. As of my viewing, three years have passed since this technical work of art from AudibleACX was published as a lesson about production values. None of the Comments regarding the quality of this production have been answered by anyone from ACX. Apparently ACX expects far greater attention to audio production from others than they can manage themselves. The out-of-phase audio in the majority of the video is unacceptable by any standards. The sloppy staqe and constant handling of the SM58's (why not head mics?) are less than amateurish. I'd like to see this presentation done by someone with an eye for showing quality by example.
    Excuse my rant, but come on, people… this was supposed to be a professional tutorial from the world leader in audiobooks. Not.
    Now that you've seen the video, look at the description again. Irony.

  5. She should go back to microphone use 101 and I had to turn volume to maximum to be able to hear her. Is she teaching first impression? Sorry but she didn't convince me of anything.

  6. Why are they using hand-held mics? They should be wearing those so sound is consistent. Then get an actual sound engineer to finish this business.

  7. Good thing it is not about video production, with cable everywhere and poor stage setup. Just sayin..

  8. I saw on ACX that you can have the payment sent to AFTRA. So is work on ACX SAG-AFTRA approved? or would this be against the union?

  9. Tried listen on my iPad at full volume but could barely hear a word. I cannot lipread but would need too if I want to learn anything from this video. Perhaps Audible ACX, would reconsider increasing the original sound of this video. Also tried listening on my Mac but sound issue the same. Please fix as this video looks interesting. Don't know if remainder of series has similar problem as I'd prefer to listen to series in chronological order. Thanks

  10. There's a lot of good info here. However, at about the 3:06 mark, the audio goes perfectly out of phase. If you're having a hard time hearing the video at this point, you're probably listening on a device that is summing the output, such as a cell phone. Try listening on a stereo set of speakers. You'll notice that the audio still sounds a bit "off" most likely. If that is the case, just shut off one of your speakers.

  11. I hate this chick. So annoying…

  12. I'm sorry, did this get fixed over the year or did you all forget to turn on your audio? For a free session, no, I can't hear the direct question, but I hear the answers and the useful tips that they are freely passing forth. I wish I could see the screen the whole time but Not enough to trash the whole thing like a judgmental brat. If you are too professional to listen to these tips, then don't.

  13. Cannot hear the speaker – the sound is almost inaudible.

  14. LOL…oh my…this would not pass ACX specs

  15. can you add sound effects to some voice characters?

  16. The irony that a company that specialises in audio can't put a decent bit of audio on their Youtube channel

  17. pro·nun·ci·a·tion
    the way in which a word is pronounced.

  18. ACX should follow its own advice and proof it's video before uploading! Like the others said, after "it's an excellent question," we never hear the answer, or the rest of the presentation.

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