ACXU Presents: How to Pass ACX QA Every Time

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Published on September 22, 2017

ACXU Presents: How to Pass ACX QA Every Time

Files returned by ACX QA? Not after watching this session. ACX QA Operators David Afonso and Brendan Solorz are pulling back the curtain on the five most common reasons your audio files might not pass muster with ACX. Many of the common reasons files are outside the Audio Submission Requirements can be prevented before your recording even starts. Follow these common tips to set your recording up for success. Or, if your files have already been recorded, we’ll show you some easy fixes to correct files that have already been completed. Plus, tune in for a Great Debate featuring Chris Ciulla and Dara Rosenberg, and see details we’re discussing in Andrew’s QA Corner.

Find the ACX QC Sheet Here:

Find the Encoding Instructions Here:


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    I don't even think you should change the [clicker] keep going idea while recording, you can see how, punching in takes so much more time, if your set-up is outside the booth and you keep flobbing the line. Get the clicker! I order that the moment I found out about it. I've been working with audio (video) for more that 10 years, so know what I have to do to make sure I get the best sound at the start and edit fast. When you go into editing, armed with keyboard shortcuts, I literally enjoy editing now because you can see the sharp clicks and the audio you started recording before the flob.., it's so fast. 100% faster than if you were to stop and punch-in. I challenge anyone, who think they can record and edit an audio-book faster using the punch-in method. Let me show you, as you may be doing something really wrong if you think otherwise.

  2. I'm basically becoming a self-taught engineer for audiobooks and consuming all the information that I can from videos and websites. This was sort of condescending…"If you don't understand…", well no, I don't. That's why I'm here. And this information isn't helpful unless you have a base understanding of engineering.

  3. So, just to clarify, ALL files submitted must have the proper spacing at beginning and end ( even if exporting a region of a chapter ) ??

  4. Is there any way to send in a practice file to be QC'd.

  5. It's not hang ten, it's hang loose. But I digress……………. 🙂

  6. Tony

    Great video. Brendan explained what RMS was really clearly. He mentioned Peak Levels but didn't really explain what they are, how they are different to RMS and what to do about them ?

  7. Always used three plugins.  Always have passed ACX QC.  As far as getting things out of order, that's just laziness.  Maybe a drinking problem.

  8. hahaha… essiest recording I've heard for ages – terrible

  9. Very well done! I wrote an article concerning your requirement and this video will go hand in hand with it.

  10. I know that ACX does not encourage plugins, but I have to say, I always use levelator in my pre-mastering process.  I use Adobe Audition to record and edit, but to make sure that RMS and noise floor are correct, I move the file to Audacity (the free DAW) for really easy to use and consistent rms and noise floor assessment and manipulation.  As for many of the other issues discussed here, I feel that simple attention to detail and not getting sloppy are the solutions.  Anyone who would like some quick and dirty Audacity mastering help, feel free to message me!

  11. It would help if you would trim the beginning of the video so You don't have to wait for 2 minutes for it to start. Speaking of passing QA tests…..geeeeesh!

  12. This episode was extremely helpful. I think it will benefit your QA team as much as it does me when I come to submit my first book. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  13. There is no such word as 'preventative' … the word you want is preventive. It's very distracting.

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