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Published on November 22, 2018
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Aeron is a project for the aviation blockchain space. This could be a good one.

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This is not investment advice. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. We make the videos in order to make sure we know of each project & then only pick a few to work with.


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  1. Cha mil

    Thank you, keep up the good work!

  2. Expecting another pop soon….pullback was healthy…VERY low number of coins in circulation

  3. To be honest… I find your more honest then 90% of crypto channels… you just dont talk about every hot coin straight away… Always doing a solid job my man…

  4. you need to check dbix out dubaicoin ny arabianchain technology only 1.7 million coins this is seriously undervalued. smart contracts dapps A.I dubai gov projects easy this is $500 coin

  5. So you held off to keep all the profit to yourself…lol joking I'll check it out. However, most of the coins you have talk about over the pass months have all risen. I should have listen and researched them more. 3PEP7ckVuGMtJ7pQXbu4vNMpkwjN9zzwREY

  6. LOL!! You fools are buying into an organized pump coin at the high. Enjoy the crash of this shitcoin..

  7. 3PBxGyza5asP7Tq7csSdiZFgqaFMpAv7Bpe
    Thanks for the vid!

  8. Hi Coin Fomo here is my waves wallet address – 3P7h5PfB33EFCHxUxWxmA5uwpF6m6ASyJua

  9. Please review zeusshield ZSC coin .. it’s fantastic concept

  10. Nice video man, you never know when it will pump but as long as we are making profits it's all good ;).
    Take a look at Herocoin(PLAY)!

  11. Pump and dump it’s going crazy on Binance scam bullshit coin

  12. No Worries your info is always Tops. 3PHmp7qP1KpzPv54XKMqkeEkoAP3pua5rsF

  13. Got in at 1$! 3 weeks ago! Soon to be 100+coin

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