Agoora ICO Pitch – Malta Blockchain Summit Nov.02, 2018

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Published on November 2, 2018

Jean-Yves Martineau – ICO Pitch – Malta Blockchain Summit 02Nov 2018
Agoora is a blockchain-powered protocol token that generates decentralised proofs of participation, place, presence, and person in order to drive engagement by customers, fans, and users. Agoora does so by providing incentives for participation, with the economic benefits that result from it. With Agoora, we enable the tokenization of participation, something that is applicable in a plethora of everyday scenarios and cases and provides value in a range of industries and business activities, such as entertainment, gaming, consumer goods, financial services, travel, education, supply chain management, and many others. Agoora will provide brand marketers with entirely new means of interacting with customers, fans, and users, with authority backed by the Blockchain, something that was not previously possible.
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