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Published on August 24, 2017

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AIO is generating pool of Crypto Currency funds through ICO ,
fund value of these ICO shall be assigned to each Token issued.
For more info contact :
email: [email protected]

+852 8193 3361


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  1. A good investment would be in the token of YOYOW (YYW), it is a decentralization platform of systems like Facebook, wathsaap, youtube, the biggest companies in the world. The difference is that instead of profiting the company, who profits is the user. It already has 3 platforms in China with high access, different from Cardano that is still a project.

  2. where is it? it's not represented on coinmarketcap?

  3. I see another great deal is ongoing right now, check STORM ICO, they "go to the moon" very soon.

  4. Ali elb

    monero has the bitcoin symbol … bad

  5. I see another great deal is ongoing right now, check the, they "go to the moon" in near future.

  6. if someone missed the ico, i am giving away 10% of my ico token. contact me if you are interested

  7. Hello all, I tried a few times to register (which they obviously call "sign in) it never worked or I#m making some kind of mistake. does anybody know ?

  8. An ICO for what? dividing by ten? showing real value. You must be a dumb ass to have one coin in your name.

  9. J W

    ummm…yeah. Look if you retrospectively apply their model to the cryptocoin market, you can see that this indexed fund does not work. This is because of the interlinked relationship between the main market and the rest of the market. We see today that if Bitcoin goes down – the whole market goes down. Better Unit trusts for cypto are coming.

  10. Get $10 Worth of AIO Coins Free !!!
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    AIO Coins is generating Pool of Crypto Currency Fund's through ICO & Value of Fund's is Assigned to Each AIO Coin at the end of ICO sale.
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