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Published on August 31, 2018

Now is the time to join – the most innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem. AirWire is a fully functioning platform, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency with anyone in the world, even if they’ve never been in the #cryptocurrency space. Use any of our sending options: SMS, Email, Social Media, or Custom Link. The recipient doesn’t even have to mess with the complicated process of pre-downloading a wallet to get it. Their wallet and address is automatically generated for them once they click “accept.” With our new Airdrop feature, partnership coins who join our ecosystem can deliver custom #airdrops to the community directly. There’s already over a dozen partnerships (and more on the way) waiting to use the platform to airdrop their own native tokens to the AirWire community. WIRE tokens power the AirWire platform.

WIRE provides advanced #privacy features, nearly instant transactions, low fees, the ability to stake, or even create #masternodes once you own 35,000 WIRE; with current #blockchain rewards providing around 16% per month token returns! #CRYPTONEWS! WIRE is now listed on @Sistemkoin exchange ( and will be available for purchase on September 24th, 2018. Sistemkoin is a major European #cryptoexchange averaging over $30 million a day in volume. US residents are welcome to participate. Sistemkoin has great customer service, fiat off-ramps, as well as a fantastic user interface. This strategic move will fuel our international strategy to become a global brand. The exchange will engage the demand for WIRE tokens by our many partners and ever increasing user base required to access and optimize their experience on the AirWire platform.. All you need is an AirWire account!


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