Alibaba Launches Crypto Mining Platform – Middle Finger to Chinese Regulators! – TODAYS FOMO

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Home Media A Alibaba Launches Crypto Mining Platform – Middle Finger to Chinese Regulators! – TODAYS FOMO
Published on November 22, 2018
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Alibaba launches a cryptocurrency mining platform and system and is apparently not worried about chinese regulation!

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

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  2. Double thumbs up. Keep it up peter!

  3. What about that dime coin tho, alibaba invested big money into

  4. plemyk

    AlibaBadger don't care.

  5. latest tweet from cnLedger: "Alibaba clarified on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) they will not create virtual currencies, and will not provide "mining platforms". Their website "P2P Nodes" is now no longer online."

  6. Alibaba don't give a FUD about regulators … JM doesn't care. BTC to the moon guys!!

  7. kloss

    Hi man! Will China ever be able to stop the Neo team somehow? If they ban all cryptorelated actions in China, what would this mean for the actual working function of NEO?

  8. Apparently Dentacoin is a scam? suggested by a Reddit user with apparent circumstantial proof. Rebuttal from Dentacoin online, aswell. No longer holding. Is this why Dentacoin has plummeted?

  9. Today I subscribe; props to the positive vibes.

  10. If anyone thinks that Alibaba is not either now or in the future going to be working with Tron to some degree, you're delusional. I can't wait until all the haters and FUD going on with TRX gets wiped out. You really think all these connections are just coincidence?

  11. Is it that Alibaba don't care about the restrictions, or that they are working in tandem with them? Maybe China's golden boy is uing the government to bully the competition.

  12. it was baba who had the chinese gov shut down all the miners to begin with. now they can come in and clean up. that is why i invest in baba since 2014.

  13. I said this before, Jack Ma is the mastermind of all the Chinese coins! Soon they will all puzzle together and Tron will be in the center of it.

    Currently, Qtum, Tron partnered with Baofeng and "360" both a giant Chinese company. Tron also going to announce a new partnership with a "Space" company which supposedly specializes in satellites.

  14. I hope their coin is going on binance or coinbase.

  15. varun

    Even i am ming

  16. I just bought 10 bitcoin for £50.000.00. I can not believe my luck.

  17. TK KwN

    Live now…. Everyone are worry nowLOL

  18. jae ha

    You didn't tell us what happening now on market??

  19. e

    There's some good news, thanks for digging it up and bring it to our attention. 🙂

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