ALL Crypto is SCAM? Iran ERC20, Tezos Resolution, Robinhood crypto

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Published on February 23, 2018
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Good Morning Crypto! Today we are discussing ALL Crypto is SCAM? Iran ERC20, Tezos Resolution, Robinhood crypto.

Johann Gevers leaving Tezos.

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  1. Kg King

    Ivan – I am from San Antonio, Texas, USA and really appreciate your videos. Thanks for the good work you do!

  2. I heard that with Robinhood you're not actually buying Bitcoin but are instead purchasing a receipt to an IOU for Bitcoin. If that claim is correct, aren't you concerned about this? See Stuart's Kennedy's comment earlier too.

  3. That sign on the article says "easy money". If it's so easy one wonders how much money the person who wrote the article has made off of cryptocurrencies.

  4. Bro i need to know where or how you get that energy that you show everyday . Please , send me the recipe

  5. honestly not looking forward to Robinhood getting into the crypto space. I like that it will be a competitor to coinbase. But I see it as more for people who just was to say they are in cryptos. At the end of the day you don't have your P-key . So in my book if that's all your using that you really don't count. Cause you don't really "own/hold ' any crypto. Not to mention you won't be able to move anything off the platform if you wanted to trade on your own. I don't see this working out in the long run. And decentralized exchanges are getting better and more user freindly.

  6. Ivan,
    unfortunately on Robinhood you cannot actually buy the cryptocurrency. "Right now when you buy a Bitcoin (or any other crypto) on Robinhood, you aren't actually getting a Bitcoin. You're buying a CFD (contract for difference). This is a derivative instrument whose worth is dependent on the external price of Bitcoin at other exchanges which do hold the underlying cryptocurrencies."

  7. If you are right that more "batching" of transactions is happening (and I think you are right), then the average transaction size must be getting much bigger. Is it?

  8. Every country ought to have their own cryptocurrency. The more the merrier – a better FOREX market. In fact every gov. agency ought to have their own cryptocoin (think homeland security, healthcare, etc.) so the market, the people, can decide their relative values. No more crooked politicians and lobbyists deciding relative values and allocations! (Isn't there someone else also talking about this?!)

  9. Ivan I guess I can understand that you want to grow your channel and compete with the other "viral" style youtubers (Aka sensationalist titles)

    but I preferred the old format where you discussed the tech.. Is it just because most of what there is to be said has been said?

  10. TRue or False? The Deep State could confiscate the crypto algorithm or invalidate the algorithm. Cryptos work via an algorithm with a source code. Our corrupt Deep State has ways to either confiscate or invalidate these crypto algorithms. Where is Monero without a working algorithm?

  11. Ivan, isn't another reason for the bitcoin fees to be cheaper the drop of the bitcoin price? Because this graphic you are using put the US price of the fee, and it would be possible for the fee to stay the same price in satoshis, but it would be cheaper in dollars.

    Not that other reasons aren't true, but this aspect makes the drop seen bigger.

  12. Ivan, my friend. The reason transactions have collapsed is: 1. Price has collapsed so USD amounts dropped accordingly, 2. transactions have collapsed since December, I don't know why you're under the impression that they are "pretty stable" that isn't the case at all. We were as high as 400k throughout Dec… We're now under 200k.
    There's your fee drop explained in a nutshell.

  13. Bitconnect is ICO level scam. Telegram is corporation scam. Petro is country level scam.

  14. Your content is incredibly helpful man. You gonna do the AirSwap interview?

  15. Hi Ivan, your show is amazing! I watch it everyday!

    I'm a sound engineer and there are two ways to improve your audio.There are many pop-sounds.
    You can reduce them, if you rise the pop filter by 3 cm and increase the distance of the pop filter from the microphone by 2 cm.
    If you think, it'll cover too much of your mouth if you do so, the other possibility is to put a low-cut filter into your audio chain. Maybe your interface has a feature to do so. I'd reccomend a low-cut filter at maximum 100hz with a slope of 24dB per octave or more.
    Sound is already quite nice, but with this adjustements it'll be superb!

    Greetings from switzerland

  16. Can you do us a favour.

    Can you cut the bass on your mic. Sometimes when you say “point” and other P words it booms like you’re beatboxing. I listen in my car and it’s LOUD.

  17. X X

    Stop shilling your other videos!

  18. mknzm

    Hey Ivan, I'm terrible with saving links but maybe you heard about this – Petro claims to have raised over $750m, however when somebody on Reddit checked the genesis wallet, all Petro tokens were still there, suggesting that none have actualy been sold. Maybe I'm missing something on how ICOs function but seems fishy as hell!

  19. Hi Ivan, I like your videos. Any chance we are going to see a MinerOne Review ?

  20. 2600

    Thanks Ivan. Concise and informative, as always.

  21. Hey Ivan, could you make a video explaining how wallet seeds work? I was wondering if it's possible to brute force the words and guess someone else private keys

  22. LDBronx

    Waiting for Robinhood to go live in my state.

  23. LDBronx

    I would trust these countries more if they adopted BTC OR LTC instead of creating there own currency. But if they did the US and EU would bar ownership of cryptocurrencies in general.

  24. Wall Street and hedge funds have no idea what instrinsic value means.

  25. Bill

    Hi Ivan — could you do a video on Bitcoin Private?

  26. I agree with that hedge fund – its unregulated and there are no rules . Now wall street is involved it must be dodgy. I agree with their comments …the scam it actually genius

  27. The USD Is the scammiest shitcoin out. LOL. How many wars have been financed with crypto?

  28. good morning crypto is slowly rebranding to crypto and coffee 🙂

  29. Ivan is subliminally shilling the DOGE XD. Look at his video thumbnails

  30. Tim Bo

    So I live in California and stay current with the majority of local news, but the first I've heard of this news if from you! Thanks!

  31. Only reason cryptocurrency has not disappeared is the greed of humans. There are way too many greedy people. I got mine screw everyone else that is how people think today. The greed will only get worse cryptocurrency brings out the evil in people. It is quite obvious.

  32. Ivan, MIT Chain Letter #32: When the bubble pops, these tokens will live on. The coins MIT suggests aren't BTC or Etherrum. Would you comment. MIT seems on the whole unsupportive towards cryptocurrency while publishing the Chain Letter newsletter.

  33. ethr0g

    thanks Ivan, great weekend 2u2

  34. ''financial experts'' theyd better call it financial bail-out fraudsters

  35. How do you leave info on the block chain? Robinhood crypto network how does it work? Are they a social change crypto community? A groupo idea of doing transactions?

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