Altcoin News – Crypto Market Update, Microsoft Blocked Cryptojackers? Bithumb Exchange Crypto Kiosks

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Published on December 4, 2018
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Altcoin News – Crypto Market Update, Microsoft Blocked Cryptojackers? Bithumb Exchange Crypto Kiosks

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at the cryptocurrency market and talk about how it is affecting cryptocurrency coins. Academics question ethics of Coinhive crypto jacking. Speaking of crypto jacking, Microsoft blocked more than 400,000 malicious crypto jacking attempts in one day. South Korean largest cryptocurrency exchange known as Bithumb to supply cryptocurrency kiosks to restaurants. Wall Street analyst creates bitcoin misery Index for traders. We also look at updates from Electroneum, Basic Attention Token and Dash.


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  7. Hi Shaylen, appreciate the effort but I didn't like this video for 2 reasons:
    1. Your speech is very unclear, and sometimes just plain wrong.
    2. You haven't given any critique at all to the information, it seems more like a reiteration of news.
    I hope this feedback helps you to improve in future.

  8. NCASH seems kinda crazy, i like it – the fiuture

  9. Dash is a great opportunity

  10. mac1bc

    Good luck everyone. I'm officially done with crypto trading.

  11. Some crypto's are just useless, lets get on to the top Altcoins. Its our responsibility to invest in organisations that have future plans and a particular use in society. People who buy in to dumb coins are flopping the market at the moment.

  12. Thank You Altcoin Buzz for the Email that was sent to your Subscribers, and YES lets have a Very Prosperous & Positive 2018…

  13. How can we listen to a guy that cant even spell ASIC right?

  14. Fuck man give it up. Do Jeff a favor and step down from doing YT.

  15. Danny

    Check out Sether, around 7 million market cap, seems like future big gainer

  16. BlockTIX is Strong, Bitcoin Is Weak.
    Buy BlockTIX in Bittrex now!
    It is the only coin which is 80% of trading volume in fiat in Korea won.

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  18. This comment section is filled with FUD noobie pussies, every time the market does this I buy and add to my collection, weak hands fold the strong just HODL

  19. Nvidia is going to start making bank on their ASIC AI chip division in the next few years. Might be a stock worth looking into.

  20. Ant C

    stay down down stay cheap please more time to invest moneyyyy

  21. How are globally recognized firms using blockchain privately a plus for cryptos? If anything it undermines the idea of decentralisation, it creates patented right and it contradicts the idea that cryptos are necessary

  22. cujo

    LMAO did warn on the FB group "rurouni", people need to find out the hard way, happy as can be, your news is late and outdated,

  23. Good job Shayla Lynn. Also good to see women get involved in the crypto space. One of the best channels right here

  24. Too many guys complaining about his speaking. Give the man a break.There are other things to complain about like the the market.

  25. If your holding coins at a loss, simply HODL !! In 1 year you will be well in profit again, this is just the beginning and we’re experiencing the pain of teething !! Strong hands, strong minds people, the best is yet to come….

  26. Bitcoin Hush. The combination of Bitcoin, hush, supernet,dex and Komodo all in one privacy coin. Recently listed on coinexchnage. Read up yourselves, it's got the best tech by far.

  27. ShayLynn, great job on the vid, but please stop talking over the intros. Thanks!

  28. welp….guess that March bull turned out to be a groundhog…..still sleeping

  29. Idk what to think anymore and no one els does either? Hold or sell?!!???

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