Altcoin News – Japan Crypto Leader, BitFlyer Exchange, Blockchain, Crypto Market, Brazil, Berlin

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Published on October 31, 2018

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Altcoin News – Japan Crypto Leader, BitFlyer Exchange, Blockchain, Crypto Market, Brazil, Berlin

2018-01-23 17:26:11

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. We look at Japan becoming the global leader in the cryptocurrency space. Japanese bitcoin exchange BitFlyer comes to Europe. Cryptocurrency may have its up and downs but blockchain’s stocks in on the rise. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to bounce back harder and stronger according to expert. What would happen if bitcoin crashed? This will harm the investor but not the long-term vision of the economy. There are twice as many bitcoin traders in Brazil as stock investors. Why Berlin remains the Bitcoin capital of Europe in 2018. We also look at updates on, TRON and PIVX.


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  1. Japan is way ahead of any country as far as technology is concerned, and their government is backing crypto, that should tell us something.

  2. Great video……information about what is happening in crypto space is so important!…and I don't give a hoot whether it is Jeff, Steve or Shaylen ( sorry if I spelt it wrong lol)….as long as it is presented well and increases my knowledge!So thanks for this!

  3. Very informative video Shailen. I suggest that you mix up your transitional phrases instead of just saying “what else is new” every time. Other than that good work!

  4. Kevin

    Indonesia, China saying crypto is not a proper form of payment. I'm sorry, but the government doesn't decide what is appropriate or not. If the people adopt it and accept it between themselves, then it's proper, and thus, the governments of China Indonesia and India can FUCK off.

  5. Good job reporting news!

  6. I’m enjoying getting off of work and being able to catch up on today’s crypto news. Solid work man.

  7. in the hands of the Japanese – I think Bitcoin will do well

  8. Dropping videos for the Altcoin army every single day. Thats why i love this channel.

  9. Liz Sim

    titanium still hovering around $1.95 USD – $2.05 USD from the last market fud. if you are planning on jumping in titanium, I'd definitely check it out right now before it goes back up to $4+

  10. Thumbs up if your hoping that the market wont pick back up… because you dont get paid until Friday! LOL!

  11. Much Love to the ALT-COIN ARMY

    HEY GUYS! ! BEWARE ! !!!

    BEWARE of Pump & Dump groups on Twitter and Telegram! "Big Pump Signal"

    One name in particular. "Big Pump Signal". They are insiders who burn newcomers for profit. I lost $2k USD in less than 3 minutes. They do "RAPID" pump and dumps. They send out announcements when you join their channel to buy a certain coin and then they sell within 2 minutes of you buying in… Insane SMH. Just want to warn anyone in the crypto-markets to try and steer clear of pump and dumps and invest the right way!! PEACE

  12. great news! Japan and JPY is trustworthy

  13. QASH is the answer to the world wide exchange you were talking about, with the world book going live in q2. It will provide liquidity world wide and can buy any altcoin with any fiat. It’s guna be massive

  14. Godfather talks..

    When the #fud is over and the #wallstreet bitcoin contracts expire they will raise the contracts and drive the bitcoin price up. Then the world will #fomo and crash the exchanges. #altcoins will skyrocket to the moon 100x plus.

    Creat a @binance account now so you are able to buy the top coins and tokens that are worth getting when they are put on binance and you can transfer your existing coins or tokens from other exchanges to Binance. More info somewhere on my recent tweets and bio

    Do not @crytofather once you are fearing of missing out on the gains that people are getting. And exchanges are not accepting any users for sometime in order to keep the exchange up and running smoothly for exisitng customers. Bitcoin is already on main news channel. Right now news they are throwing shit at bitcoin, at one point they will embrace it confront of 300 million American and the world. At that point this coins are revolutionizing the currency. The tokens are changing how stock market works. A Normal 9 to 5 working joe can afford and is user friendly system created from blockchain. #bitcoin is back bone for coins ethereum is back bone for tokens.

    Join the era of where humans get to control there wealth not the banks that get you less then 20 percent year on your money that is not even 1 x lol. They print money to inrich themselves. And the regular joe it gets harder for him to feed his family when his 80 percent of wealth goes to bills and inflation going up every year.

    Godfather wants everyone to be rich

    For all weak hand #hodler wait till Feb 24 before making any decision

  15. Indian government is not banning anything. For the time being they are keeping a watchful eye on this technology. Also one of the richest man in India Mukesh ambani is gonna release his own crypto.

  16. More great content by the Altcoin Army!! This is where it is at mofo's, so many bs ppl out there trying to help us out with vids, these guys keep it real and don't fuk around. This is where I get most of my information on the latest news and insights for the crypto world. Someone please try show me a better channel to follow… bet you can't

  17. Yes brothers and sisters in humanity let us break out of the magicians shackles the world bank is a pyramid scheme. We the brothers and sisters in humanity are going back to Gold may Allahs curse be upon the Zionist banker's pyramid sheme. Allahu akbar God is The Greatest

  18. Could you please tell me your top 10 privacy coins under 0.0000010

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