Altcoin Trader – How to register and transfer Rands.

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Published on October 31, 2018

Altcoin Trader – How to register and transfer Rands.

2017-11-29 07:51:29

This video is a basic look at a South African exchange that allows you to convert your Rands into Bitcoin and other Altcoins.
I show you how to register with Altcoin Trader and how to transfer funds from your bank account.

Please note:
Your account must be fully verified before you will be able to withdraw Rands or Bitcoin.
To verify your account…
1. click on the Profile tab
2. Fill in all required information.
3. Verify your cell number
4. Click Update FICA Document tab.
5. Upload a copy of your ID
6. Upload your proof of address.
7. Email these docs do [email protected] to ensure they received them.

Once all red crosses are converted to green ticks then your account is fully verified.


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  1. Hi Cindy Greetings, I am from India and already an registered member with BitConnect, and interested to open account with Altcointrade, and I do not have any account with South African bank? Can it is possible to upgrade the Altcointrade account by depositing from my Indian bank account? Please suggest your valuable feedback soon. Thanks, Syed

  2. Thank you! Asked for this a while ago! Wish they would get mobile app like luno tho! Thanks again

  3. Hi Cindy – Great Video – thanks. I'm with USI Tech through Mark Petersen. Could I please ask something about Tenx? They currently don't ship to SA. Are there alternatives to Tenx and to have a card to spend and draw Bitcoin in SA? I'm in Durban. What other ways can I use to transact and spend my BITCOIN earnings in SA? Regards, Morne.

  4. Altcointrader has the Highest Fees of basically all exchanges, no Liquidity, and does not even give you a live feed on prices. You have to refresh constantly. And the service is terrible – Go look at Hellopeter. No FB updates from like August – I would say get your money out there asap before they run

  5. Are they a trustworthy company?? I have read many bad reviews about them!!

  6. hello. Thanks for the video. Can i buy ripple directly from my zar wallet. Please do assist. thanks

  7. Hi your video is very straight forward and well explained.

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