Amazon Coin? Can Amazon Coin Be The Biggest Threat To Bitcoin?

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Published on July 22, 2018

Amazon Coin? Can Amazon Coin Be The Biggest Threat To Bitcoin?

Verified Crypto Robot: On October 31, 2017, twenty days after Bitcoin first spiked above the $5000 mark, Amazon made a very strange move. Most people don’t know about it. And the mainstream media never reported it. In fact, the only reason it popped up on my radar is because of my high-level Silicon Valley connections. Forged over two decades of working with the nation’s top entrepreneurs and visionaries.

But this recent move by Amazon could have a far larger impact than any of those innovations combined. That’s why when I first heard what Amazon did I couldn’t believe all the radio silence around it. There was no press release. No announcement. And not a single mention in The Wall Street Journal. Fox News nor CNN. What’s more, even tech magazines like Wired never reported it. You see while people were wowed by Bitcoin last October, Amazon quietly registered two website domains: and

What does it mean? Well, what most people don’t know is that Amazon already has its own currency, so to speak. And it’s called Amazon Coin. Right now, you can redeem these coins to make purchases on Amazon. Consider it a test run for what’s coming. You see, after digging into the situation, including seeing these newly registered websites. The second largest company in America is on the verge of releasing its own cryptocurrency… one to rival Bitcoin. In fact, I believe Amazon will come out with it’s own crypto coin before the end of 2018. And when that happens, Amazon’s size alone will revolutionize the crypto space. This is no longer the domain of kids in their parents’ basements buying Ethereum. This is the tipping point. It’s the proof that blockchain technology has entered the mainstream. What exactly is blockchain? It’s the technological foundation of all cryptocurrencies. It’s the reason why cryptos work, and the reason why they can be decentralized and secure.

But here’s the thing. No other company has the reach and impact on the global market that Amazon does. Its one massive company powering the stock market. Right now 65% of Americans shopping online search for products on Amazon first. Not Google. For every $10 spent online, $4 falls into Amazon’s pockets.

Last year Amazon’s total revenue reached a whopping $196 billion. And its stock grew 489% since 2013. Get this: All this money flowing into Amazon has a major effect on the stock market, too. The Wall Street Journal reports “The online retailer giant has accounted for 27% of all the S&P 500’s gains this year.” Can you imagine any other company so powerful… to drive the largest bull market in the history of America almost entirely on its own!? Think about this: Right now, Amazon has more than 100 million Prime members who will be ready to use this coin the moment it launches. In other words, 100 million people could buy most of their goods using Amazon’s crypto coin today. Without hurdles. That means clothes, food, entertainment and anything else Amazon’s selling. How many of us can use Bitcoin to do the same? Mark my words. When a major player like Amazon enters the crypto market it’s going to blow Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and any other coin out of the water.

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