Amazon to create a crypto? $AMZ the worlds first universal currency?

Home Media A Amazon to create a crypto? $AMZ the worlds first universal currency?
Published on March 4, 2018

If Amazon goes crypto we could see the world’s first universally accepted virtual asset.

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  1. Juncheng Zhang

    Imagine WeChat creates its own crypto

  2. Shane Tsao

    Man how can your channel be so small! Been checking out your vids, all these legit, logical, quality contents should get you to the moon!

  3. Crypto Lone Wolf

    Can you review Cube, (Auto)?
    New Token in coinmarketcup with the real product…
    Is it good buy?

  4. Oto Mitas

    looks like Storiqa STQ will have competition

  5. Syndicator

    People are so dumb…defeats the purpose really

  6. dashadow231

    Amazon huh

  7. Chris Touch

    Size M

  8. Path of Bitcoin POB

    Hey I'm second comment!! That TRON shirt is still looking pretty nice, I must say… Size Medium

  9. Buyin Downlow

    They will probably use ripple or stellar i think

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