Ambit Mining, Tokens That Provide Residual Income, This is a Great ICO

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Published on April 9, 2018

Ambit Website: https: //

Ambit Twitter:

Ambit Facebook:

Ambit White-Paper:


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  1. Hi Brothers – Thanks for info- These all came so far in your local lottery – 7205 7025 7025 527 725 = (1527) Play in pick four to win 5k +

  2. Hi, today starts Ambit Minig ICO with 20% discount, dont miss the chance to become part of the best cryptocurrency mining Company based in Georgia. It has cheap electricity costs, great team and free tax location.

  3. Great vid! It is mining of the future. I’ll need to look into this more. Thanks brothers! Love the channel!

  4. Hi guys love your work, I never comment here smells a scam, be careful. for this to be really transparent it should be locked in a smart contract in an autonomous company no owners only workers and investors. this is still the old way you have to trust someone to do something. my point is how you can be sure that they will not run after the ico? the building 🙂

  5. This sound like a paid endorsement.
    Nevertheless, I still love Ambit Mining!!!

  6. I think this ico sounds some what similar to ormeus coin

  7. Hey you guys are great can you compare and contrast ambit and minexcoin because i have mnx and was wondering which one would be better.

  8. But if you buy ETH now at $400 and the price goes back up to $1395, you’ve got a huge return already. I’m still going to rely on my portfolio. There are a lot of plug and play mining machines coming out now

  9. Went to their website. They have a roadmap of potential %ROI. Bull market vs. bear market. Thanks guys!

  10. gents, please have a look at PCN coin its great for staking and there's a swap coming up soon.,

  11. Dave c

    It sounds good.They are currently involved in a class action lawsuit for some potential dubious behavior.Be careful.

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