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Published on October 29, 2018

Amplify Whitepaper Incentives SUB Holder AMPX Token Airdrop

2018-10-08 22:51:47

Amplify Basics – Incentives: SUB Holder AMPX Token Airdrop

Welcome back to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Alright guys, one of the exciting incentives we will have coming up is an AMPX token airdrop for SUB token holders. SubstratumNode is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the future of not only Amplify but for the internet as a whole and with Amplify relying on SubstratumNode to deliver the Amplify Mainnet and Amplify Bridgechain it is even more so important to Amplify. Not only will Amplify rely on the Substratum product but Amplify will rely on the Substratum community to be successful so we want to honor our Substratum token holders with a SERIES, that’s right guys a SERIES of Airdrops.

Here are the highlights before we jump into the specifics:

1. Substratum token holders will be airdropped a portion of the 60Million, that’s right guys, 60 Million AMPX tokens that have been set aside for this program
2. If you follow all the rules and take all the steps listed below you can qualify for not one, not two, but THREE airdrops.
3. SUB stored on centralized exchange wallets will not be eligible for the airdrop so you will need to move your SUB to your own wallet outside of an exchange

Ok guys let’s jump into some of the specifics:

Ok the first thing we will do is calculate the public total supply of Substratum as of December 15th. The formula we are going to use to calculate total circulating supply is:

Circulating Supply – Network Fund Wallet – Known Exchange Wallets = Public Total Supply

If we were to do this today we would take the current Circulating Supply for SUB as shown on CoinMarketCap which today is 383,021,000

We would then subtract what is held in Substratum Held Wallets which is currently 60,100,000 in our System Wallet. This would give us a total of 322,921,000.

The next step will involve pulling the totals from all the places Substratum trades like Binance, Okex, HitBTC and others an subtracting that number from the 322M and change to get us our PublicTotalSupply.

We will announce that number on December 15, 2018.

What follows is three phases and three payouts of 20M AMPX tokens per phase.

The first airdrop will take place on January 15th 2019.

In order to be eligible for that airdrop you must have placed SUB tokens into a non-exchange wallet no later than October 15th 2018 and held them there until the date of the airdrop on January 15th 2019. The amount of AMPX you will receive is based on the amount of SUB you own against the calculated Public Total Supply.

For example:

if the total public supply came out to be 250M SUB tokens and you had placed 10,000 SUB tokens into your non-exchange wallet before October 15th and held them there until January 15th 2019 you would have 0.004% of the total supply and would be eligible for 800 AMPX tokens during the first airdrop! If you were to leave your tokens locked in that wallet through the following two airdrops you would be eligible for THOSE AIRDROPS TOO!

What you have here is THREE different airdrops of 20M AMPX tokens and all you have to do to earn those free tokens is purchase and hold SUB tokens. It’s as simple as that.

Our next video will discuss our AMPX token BUYBACK plan. That is going to be exciting guys so make sure you stay tuned as we reveal more information about the future of the Amplify Exchange.


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  1. Lutz

    can i use my eth wallet?

  2. Nice. Where can I download a wallet? Are SUB erc20 tokens?

  3. Can somebody tell me if exodus wallet is ok? Or must it be MEW?

  4. Me Mel

    Great video. I think sub could be the next runner

  5. Can someone provide a good wallet to use??

  6. a non exchange wallet is a wallet that you have full control of, meaning that you have the private key.

  7. m c

    the market doesnt like this idea, neither do I

    what wallet for the sub holder for the airdrop

  9. Seems easy enough! Just hold Sub on a ledger until Jan 15. Got it.

  10. Is there a sub wallet in the node program? I'm worried that "mining" on the sub wallet comes out in between oct15 and january

  11. nice. No feeding the day traders rewarding loyalty and good way of doing it to well done sub team. My sub will be locked in for the long haul by the end of the day. Its balls to the wall time.

  12. bb kos

    Its ok if i just keep my subs in a ledger ???

  13. I liked the original substratum idea but now it is becoming a money making and money printing machine.

  14. So if my SUB tokens are stored in my Trezor (via MyEtherWallet), how do I actually receive the AMPX tokens???

  15. amkcom

    October 15th inclusive?

  16. Well, this is to keep the price of sub stable right?

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