An interview with Greymass BP on EOS – adoption, life of a Block Producer, and everything EOS

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Published on November 6, 2018

I managed to sit down with another one of my favorite contributors to EOS. Greymass is so much more than just a wallet. The amount of work that they do behind the scenes just isn’t highlighted enough. From governance to API’s these guys work hard and consistently contribute to the eco-system.

We chat here about some of the following topics and while the conversation get sidetracked a little here and there it’s all just a great fun conversation. If you are not giving these guys some consideration then you really need to watch this interview and see their dedication and behind the scenes contributions to the space.

-why they chose to be a BP
-How they found EOS
-the wallet
-referendum tools
-smart contracts
-favorite dapps on EOS
-API tools and the importance tot he ecosystem
-the good, bad and the ugly of the space
-gambling dapps
-and their contributions to the space

Please join these guys on their telegram here

and review some of their amazing posts and information below


grab the Greymass voter wallet here


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  1. Beebop Haluula

    Wow, finally get to see the faces behind the mythical Greymass. The silent giants doing the heavy lifting.

  2. NovaCrypto LTD Your Decentralized Apps Platform

    Just awesome you are guys. So cool so open-minded. A gem for the Community. EOS is definitely the Everyone's Open Society. The people, the great mind are the power.

  3. Marcel Morales

    The first time I got to use the greymass wallet and voted for them was when I wanted to solve a problem I had in eosjs and looked at their code 😀 great for react people that want to learn eosjs ^^

  4. El Visionario

    Thank you

  5. Thaseus7

    Fantastic as always. Please keep up the great interviews!!

  6. m h

    When can we use greymass with ledger?

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