Andreas Antonopoulos EDUCATES Ivan on Tech – Ethereum vs Rootstock? Money as a language etc

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Published on November 19, 2017
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I had the great honor to speak with Andreas about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We talked about Andreas’ past, how he entered the world of crypto, Ethereum vs Rootstock, Money as a language and many other things. Enjoy guys!

Let’s meet at BlockShowAsia in Singapore 29-30 November! (
I’ll be holding a keynote about Bitcoin Scaling and I will also moderate large parts of the event.

Thanks for watching guys 💝
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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. Thank you for making this interview. It is an excellent interview. I still do not understand what Andreas Antonopoulos' philosophy is about cryptocurrency.

  2. 10:10 / Don't take that "Money is language" serious , he probably just adopted it from lobbyists who were trying to justify use of money in american presidency campaigns under the "Freedom of speech" , and the result of those efforts is this miracle called "Trump"

  3. CJTxic

    Is it possible to manipulate on the eth blockchain?

  4. The answer to your question at 12:30 regarding how we will pay in the future having so many different cryptos is simple – with a platform like GRAFT. Pay with whatever crypto you want and receive whatever crypto or fiat currency you want all while maintaining decentralization.

  5. Cant mash that like button enough!

  6. Thanks for providing such a good information and education Ivan and thanks Andreas

  7. I really enjoyed your interview – your energy and flow, questions and rich conversations. Authentic, genuine, thanks. The world needs that. 🙂

  8. Am I the only one who noticed that the thumbnail is so freaking gay?

  9. Im glad you met Antonopoulos Ivan!! Gratz duuude, and keep up with the amazing videos.

  10. Great answers for the sensible questions 🙂

  11. V J

    This guy is clueless on economics

  12. Dude! Ivan … how tall are you man? You look like Gandalf talking to Frodo Baggins . Oh and amazing interview too.

  13. Great video, it takes wisdom to not over talk during a time when your guest knows so much, glad you gave him the podium with no interruptions.

  14. good to learn from you guys.

  15. But the sitting arrangement and camera posture was not right … uncomfortable….like….

  16. Each incumbent Bailiwick must be attendant to this space in a competent and timely manner or they will be rendered irrelevant overnight. I wonder if most tax 'authorities' are willing to 'show value' for their presence? The standard protection racket one might expect from one of the many currently embedded so-called 'tax authorities' in the system we currently enjoy is just as often "Guido and his boys" – as not – and we are tired of the B.S.

    An ambiguously committed and fiat issued set of parameters from a supposed 'authority' can be an 'iffy' proposition in such a fluid and dynamic workplace. Does the word "Luddite" ring a bell for ya? I have one question to ask here: "Who needs who?"

  17. I love this talk, you and Andreas are my favorites

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  19. WOW! started quite but omg

  20. Wow there's a 51-fingered kiddy-diddler running around that didn't like this(dislikes)

  21. Andreas educates everybody!

  22. Two educators in discussion, great work and thanks

  23. I know, I'm late at this party! But I am quickly understanding that Andreas is the ambassador of Bitcoin! This man walks on water!!! Bitcoin is where it is today due to this one man!!! everyone who holds a Bitcoin (or a fraction of a bitcoin) should donate to Andrea, 0.0001 of a bitcoin….its thanks to this guy Bitcoin is worth more than 10KUSD today!

  24. I have fallen on tough times, Could someone please help by sending me some Cryptos If you don't want them, or are feeling particularly generous? I will "pay it forward" whenever I can. <3


  25. I have a question for you Ivan: AA says "ETH is worth 30Billion because the market cap is 30Billion" > or rather he says "because 30Billion is there". BUT, if the market cap is currently @ 30Billion, that DOES NOT mean that there is 30Billion THERE. From my understanding, what the market cap actually means is that hypothetically if you multiply the circulating supply with the price you get the market cap – correct? But this DOES NOT actually mean that there is 30Billion there – there is much much less than that. So theoretically if one person owned ALL ETH coins and decided to sell ALL at once, then YES he would get $30Billion …but ownership of ETH is widespread and it is not possible for all coins to be sold at one time, So let's say there is a massive sell-off > what would happen? > the first sellers would get the current price, but immediately following that sale THE PRICE WOULD FALL (and therefore also the market cap which would then be no longer $30Billion)… then the next person sells and price drops again… then this repeats until ALL ETH has been sold. Did the sellers in total get $30Billion?? No of course not because the act of selling caused the price to fall and fall and fall… So unless I am misunderstanding something AA is incorrect here is saying that "there is 30Billion there in ETH". Can you comment on this?

  26. S. T.

    Wow! These thaughts are changing your way on thinking! You can feel the impact! Great!

  27. thanks , a very clear explanation.

  28. These guys are my top two role models in cryptocurrency

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